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BLF Status unavailable in CUAC Advanced


We have recently deployed CUAC Advanced

On our CUCM v10.5.1, we have users with extension mobility profiles and Jabber CSF profiles associated with their user accounts.

Now, BLF status for these users is not available in CUAC console. And upon checking "Contact Details" of any contact, as attached, we notice that CUAC always associates "CSF..." to the main extension and tries to monitor that device for BLF status.

So although the person may have logged in to EM, BLF status is not available because he is not logged in to Jabber. But CUAC should be able to monitor any device with that DN.

As a workaround, we need to open contact details and remove the tick from "Use Device Name" option. And now CUAC starts monitoring DN instead of a particular device.

So now whether the users logon using EM or Jabber, my BLF status is always available.

Given high number of user base, removing ticks from all users is not ideal and practical in our environment.

It may be related to Cisco Bug: CSCuw20241, but it does not mention the version we're running.

Has anyone experienced this issue? Do we know the permanent fix to this?

Thanks in advance.

Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee

Hi Pratik,

Looks like there is an enhancement open to track this, although not fixed yet

It explains the reason behind this behavior "If i have two devices to be monitored,one hard phone starting with device name 'SEP' and another device name starting with 'CSF', CUAC only monitors the status of CSF device since both share same line and since CSF comes first in alphabetical order. Though the CSF always remains unregistered, it will not monitor the hard phone anyway."


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Hi Manish,

Thanks for your reply. However other design documents I have refered to and the blog below say different story?

I could not view the bug you mentioned in your post due to not having enough permission, but is there any setting that I can apply globally to ignore CSF devices completely for BLF monitoring purpose?


One of the possible workaround is to change the device name of CSF to start with 'Z', if thats the case, then it will start monitoring hard phone. You may try on a couple of csf clients and check if that helps. For any further details or possible fixes you may contact TAC.


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ok, I changed one CSF device name to "ZCSF", and CUAC instantly updated that contact detail with new device name that unfortunately again was "ZCSF..."

Note that user was not logged on to EM at that time.

Now user is logged on to EM, CUAC is still monitoring "ZCSF...". Closing and re-opening CUAC console does nothing.

I know if I go to contact details and untick "Use Device Name" option, CUAC will start monitoring EM. But this is what I am trying to avoid doing.

Is there anyway we can globally untick "Use Device Name" option? Because essentially all of our DNs are shared DNs (between CSF and EM) and so we do not want CUAC to monitor any particular device, but rather monitor DN/line.

Thanks for your ongoing help.

Ok, i am not aware of a way to edit this setting in Bulk. If noone else reponds then you may consider checking with TAC.


Thanks Manish, while looking for bulk update solution, I came across this:

And I have managed to apply the solution given on Page 28 of this guide - "Clearing the Use Device Name Checkbox of All Directory Contacts".

To anyone who may also implement this solution, it appeared that this change is only applied to new contacts being added/synced to CUAC. So contacts that already had CSF details populated were not affected by this change. I had to run bulk update for such contacts. Once "Use Device Name" tickbox is removed, CUAC appears to be able to monitor other devices using that DN too.

However, Cisco bug CSCuw20241 still appears to be affecting console as I had to exit out of application and re-open it for BLF status to be updated for those contacts who logged on to EM afterwards.

Hi Pratik - I've run into this before... You're on the right track with the alphabetical order for selecting the device to monitor...

Check the Device Description rather than the Device Name... I've had a TAC case opened on this issue back in version 9.x of CUAC...  their advise was to order the devices by description...

now, for all of my CUAC deployments, I place a 0 at the front of the user's SEP device description and that will ensure that it's always selected as the device to be monitored by CUAC...

I've had mixed results with the fix you mentioned below "Clearing the Use Device Name Checkbox of All Directory Contacts" so i generally just go with the device description fix...

Thanks Josh, for some reason when I added 0 to the user's UDP description (& name), it did not make any difference. Your solution probably does not apply to Extension mobility. But thanks for your time in looking into it.

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