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Call Accounting/Billing Software

Hello all,

A client of ours wants to keep a track of their call usage and track the various types of calls per user. They would like to calculate their bill based on the different country/area codes that are dialed out from each extension. So far I have been able to get all the information from the CDR reports however, I cannot seem to assign different costs per codes. Is there something I'm missing, or does CUCM does not provide this facility? If not, can someone recommend a basic call accounting software that can integrate with their CUCM 8.6 and provide this type of billing information? Thanks in advance!



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Call Accounting/Billing Software

CAR doesn't provide that. It's intended to be a basic auditing UI, not a call accounting product.

There are lots of options on this front. The Cisco Solutions Catalog would have the complete listing. The two that I can list off hand are ISI and Veramark.

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Re: Call Accounting/Billing Software

Imagicle provides the official Cisco Call Accounting tool, Billy Blues'4, available on Cisco GPL:

It is available in the Solutions+ Application Suite including also an IP Fax Server and XML enhanced directories.

You can download the trial, guides and presentations.

It is also listed in the Solution Catalog and can be purchased directly from Cisco.

Please let us know if you need more help.


Christian Bongiovanni

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Re: Call Accounting/Billing Software

The word "official" is overstating it a bit. Imagicale's product is part of SolutionsPlus if it appears on the GPL, nothing more.

Re: Call Accounting/Billing Software

One more thing.

Let me add that Imagicle Billy Blue's 4 is also officially eligible for the new SIP - Solutions Incentive Program starting from the end of October 2012.

So you could buy directly from your Cisco Channel at your Cisco Collaboration Discount + SIP, thus allowing you to obtain also extra discount on Imagicle accounting and on the other Cisco UC products ordered.

We're at your disposal for a live demo via Webex for you and your Customer at your convenience.




Re: Call Accounting/Billing Software

You may try Tariscope call accounting at

It supports all types of Cisco telephony equipment, including CUCM and CUCM Express for affordable price.

There is freely available trial version to try and free technical support available.


Call Accounting/Billing Software


And I will add one more, so you have enough to compare. Check out 2Ring CALL ACCOUNTING at 

It is a completely web-based system with a very very very flexibile reporting based on top of MS SQL Reporting Services. If interested, let us know and we can schedule a live demo..



Call Accounting/Billing Software

Hi Asad look into this thread, "VIP Endorsed" with excellent and complete answer!

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Call Accounting/Billing Software

This is some fantastic information. Now I'm going to go through each of these products with the client to see which solutions fits their needs and budget best. Thank you all for your help!



Call Accounting/Billing Software

Hi Asad,

Have a look on CONNECT Call Management & Billing System






we get the information from here ( about solution Pega 7 Platform on Cisco UCS.

May you comment what billing software can integrate with Pega CPM that provides statistics from ip-telephony Cisco without CTI (3905 model)?


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