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Call Handler Transfer Issue

I have a Unity 4.0 system that is exhibiting the following behavior.

Inbound calls go to voice mail. Recorded prompt notifies caller that they can press 1 to transfer to cell number.

Caller input within the Unity subscribers account is programmed to "Send caller to attempt transfer for [a specific Call handler that is set to]" "Yes, ring a subscriber at this extension: [users cell number]"

When the caller calls the users DID, the call flow completes correctly without any issues.

When the caller calls any of our main lines, we have several published company phone numbers, and then either enters the end users extension, which is allowed via a recorded attendant, or chooses the operator and is then manually transfered to the end users extension, the caller, upon pressing 1 to transfer to the cell phone experiences one of the 4 following behaviors.

1. The call transfers to the cell phone but the call terminates before the end user succesfully answers the call.

2. The caller hears the prompt "your call can not be completed as dialed,  [Wireless Cellular Carrier Name]".

3. Example Administrator is not available.

4. A Voice Mail tone prompt without any preceding recording.

I have over a dozen out of 200 + accounts programmed for this feature. All accounts are utilizing the same PRIs for inbound and outbound calls. All accounts use the same gateways, interfaces, Calling Search Space, Partition, Device Pool, Route Group, Route List and Route Pattern.

Of these accounts that utilize this feature programming, 3, including a test phone that I just set up patterned after one account that is exhibiting this unwanted behavior, function correctly no matter where the call comes from.

Originally, all accounts exhibited this unwanted behavior but after modifying all associated call handlers with the following, the three afore mentioned accounts function correctly.

Changes to call handler: Changed Transfer Type from "Release to Switch" to "Supervise Transfer" and "Rings to Wait" from 2 to 3.

Any suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated.


Here is an update to this issue. Through additional testing I've determined the following.

Unless the transfered call is answered by the cell phone immediately, the call transfer fails and the call is instead transfered to the message recipient set within the call handler. By default, this is Example Administrator. I can change the owner of and message recipient of the call handler and the call does go into that subscriber's voice mail without any greeting.

Again, this behavior only occurs when the originating call is transfered from one call handler to the transfer to cell phone call handler. If the originating call is to the users DID, the call transfers without any issues.

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