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Call problem with a just few telephone operators

our costumer has a voicegateway ISR 2821 (version 15.1) and it has a strange problem. I think that is a Provider Problem, but i'd like have a debug that show it. Itry to explain the problem:

For the PSTN number XXXX, the provider is "Fast Web" and in the voicegateway (PRI E1) we have a TCL that checks the businesshours, playes a Welcome prompt and transfers the call to an internal 620.
The Strange problem is the follow:
If the calling has Vodafone, TIM as Operators (common Operators), the calls works correctly.
If the Calling has Iliad, Acantho as Operators, he can listen the Welcom Prompt but the call isn't trasfered to internal 620.

The costumer has another number of E1 (with Fastweb provider) XXXY, in this case, he has the UCCX instead of TCL and the calls works correctly with every calling Operators.
The costumer has another number of another E1 (with another provider) XXXZ, the call arrives to the same TCL Script, but in this case the calls works correctly with every calling Operators.

So i can sketch:
Vodafone->XXXX(Provider fastweb)->TCL->transfer to 604 (It's OK)
ILIAD->XXXX(Provider fastweb)->TCL->no transfer to 604
ILIAD->XXXY(Provider fastweb)->UCCX->internal 101 (it's OK)
ILIAD->XXXZ(Provider TIM, another E1)->TCL(the same script)->internal 105 (it's OK)

With debug q931 i obatin:
Cause i = 0x8090 - Normal call clearing
Progress Ind i = 0x8288 - In-band info or appropriate now available
Normal call clearing!

I attach some debugs of correctly call and call with problem and tcl script.


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