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Caller ID and Call Forwarding


I have a user who wants to forward his phone to his cell phone.  Normally this would be no problem.

Basically this is the scenario:

User A has an phone number of  555-555-1234

User A forwards his IP Phone to 555-555-1212.

When User B 555-555-9876 calls User A at 555-1234, the caller ID on User A's cell phone is displayed as 555-555-1234.

Is there anyway for this display the User B caller ID (555-9876) on User A's cell phone, rather than User A's number 555-1234?

I do not think it is possible when transferring off-net, as User A is the one technically placing the call.  I am using the external phone mask on all route patterns.

Current Set up:

Call Manager 6.1.2

ISDN E1 PRI on a 3800 MGCP gateway

The provider has confirmed that Caller ID is being passed

Thanks for any help!




Hi Chris,

Here are a couple of things that you can try:

-On the gateway configuration page, go to the E1 interface configuration page and check that the fields "Calling Party Presentation" and "are set to "Default" and "Originator" respectely. These are the default values so unless you've done any modifications, they should be ok.

-On that same page, check the box "Redirecting Number IE Delivery - Outbound" if it's not checked.

Those two should be enough for the Phone B number to be displayed. However, if you still see phone A number when forwarding, go and uncheck the "Use Calling Party's External Phone Number Mask" box on the Route Pattern configuration page.

Hope it helps,


Thanks for the information.  I have checked to make sure that the following is set:

"Calling Party Presentation" and "are set to "Default" and "Originator"

"Redirecting Number IE Delivery - Outbound" - is checked

If I uncheck the use external phone mask on the route pattern, and I don't have a number defined in the Caller ID DN on the gateway, you feel that this should work.  If I have a DN defined in the gateway, I assume that would trump the other settings?



"If I uncheck the use external phone mask on the route pattern, and I don't have a number defined in the Caller ID DN on the gateway, you feel that this should work."

[Jose] Yes.

"If I have a DN defined in the gateway, I assume that would trump the other settings?"

[Jose] Yes indeed. That setting in the gateway overrides any previous settings configured elsewhere. I'd recommend against configuring that field unless there is a very specific reason for that. On one side, it requires resetting the GW, with the associated drops in calls. On the other hand, it's very restrictive in the way that it only allows for a single number to be shown for ANY calls going out of that trunk. The only situation where I think I've seen that configured is in contac center environments where you only want to show the generic contact number and not the one of the agent.



BTW...You can also tinker with the CLID in the Route List configuration.

It doesn't appear that the settings in the Routelist offer any diffierent options than on the gateway...please correct me if I am wrong? we are on the same page....I will give it a try.


Just commenting that there was a third place those things get modified at times and the route list is sometimes the one that's overlooked.  Sorry for the confusion.

No confusion!  I always appreciate other angles to attacking a problem.


Did you ever get this working?  I have the same issue with call forwarding Caller ID and SNR caller ID.

Turns out it was a provider issue on my end...The steps outlined in this thread we right on though.

I had a similar need but it seems my provider is not allowing me to show the callerID from the external caller on a forwarded number.  If I try, the call gets rejected as 'bearer capability not authorized'.  I am also using a psuedo-PRI where my MGCP PRI is connected to a SIP box which trunks to the provider (in case that's the difference). 

We had a similar issue where the CLID of the calling party showed up on the receiving cell phone (after being forwarded from an IP Phone) as our PRI's default DN.  We had to request  our service provider remove the default DN from their screening tables  in order for the CLID of the calling party to show up on the recipient's cell phone.  We had to sign a waiver to confirm that we were aware of the implications with our PSAP.  Our call go through CER so that was not an issue for us.

This was very helpful for me (running CUCM 8.5)

Was able to follow these directions to allow caller id to passthrough exactly as described if i do the following:

1. make sure no DN defined in the Gateway

2."Calling Party Presentation" and "are set to "Default" and "Originator"

3. "Redirecting Number IE Delivery - Outbound" - is checked

Now, under the above scenerio, if caller A calls my Desk Phone and it is set to redirect after so many rings to my cell phone, then I see Caller A's Caller ID show up as the calling party.  THat is exactly what I want.

Problem, now that we removed the DN definition from the Gateway, if I dial outbound from my deskphone, caller ID reports i am now calling from my 4 digit internal extension.  Inspite of having the correct information in the External Phone Number Mask on the actual line for the extension.

Since we used to have corporate location's main number in the DN defined on the gateway, we just thought that the external phone number mask was being trumped by the DN. 

So... is it possible to have it all? to get caller id passthrough when a call is forwarded, and get a valid number of some kind when we dial out from an extension?

I believe your question was answered on this thread.

Thank you for participating in the Community.

Kelli Glass

Moderator for the Cisco Collaboration Community

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