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Caller's phone number retrieval.

 Can we retrieve the calling party's phone number from Cisco, to use it in AWS Connect?

Roger Kallberg
VIP Mentor

Not sure if I understand what you ask about. Would you please mind to elaborate on this somewhat and explain what your looking for?

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Yeah sure, I wanted to get the customer's phone number who calls to the toll free number(Cisco's 1 800...  number) which then gets routed to my call center, where in right now I get the Cisco's number as the caller's contact number in my cloud call center(AWS Connect), when I query the caller's endpoint.

Still not any way clearer, sorry. What is it that you specifically want to query and why do you think that you should query for this information?

Where is these calls coming from?

The retrieving end of the call should have the calling number, if this is passed along to your contact centre system is a completely different story. You should look at the information pasted from CM to your AWS CC service and see if you can consume the information in it.

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I'm pulling in the open ticket details from a third party service associated with my AWS call center service. For which I have to pass the customer's number. So now I'm able to pass the phone number of customers dialing directly to my CCS but I'm am not able to figure out the phone numbers of calls getting routed through Cisco (I get one common phone number for all the calls).

So I am trying to find the customer's number from Cisco if there is a possibility. 



Are you saying that instead of getting the calling number from the customer you are getting the 1800 number that the caller dialed to get to your call center as the calling number instead of the original calling number of the customer?


But I am getting one common phone number for all the calls(which is not 1800, a different one).

Sounds like you may need to find out if the third party service that is forwarding the numbers to you can pass the original number to you.  It may not have that capability but the 3rd party service would be the ones to have that initial calling number information

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