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Steve Davis

CallRex and Cisco Call Connector software

I'm quoting a UC560 solution for a client that needs call recording along with Call Connector.  I am interested in CallRex but it appears it is based on TAPI and therefore, unlikely to get it setup in the same environment as Call Connector. Am I correct in assuming I can't get both for the same phones?  Anyone have experience with this or any recommendations or workarounds?  I'm also looking at TIM Talk, but I may only need to do a few phones and CallRex appears attractive for recording only a few select phones based on their user cost.   




I think I understand what you are trying to do.  Historically, I think with what you are doing the CallRex application would overwrite the IP address in it's database with the IP address of the user's PC.  You should be able to work around that in CallRex 4.2+ by setting up dual endpoint support.  The dual endpoint support is a feature that allows a user to have both a soft phone on their desktop and a hard phone and be able to take calls on either without wiping out the IP addresses in the database.


Hi Nathan, from my understanding CallRex registers the TAPI under the ephone, correct?  The Cisco Call Connector also does the same thing. In the past I've had issues trying to setup the UC system to dial out from a CRM along with having the Cisco Call Connector. In this experience I had an issue as the Call Connector server would register and hold onto the TAPI for that ephone and it broke the dial out function of the CRM.  So you are saying to setup a dual endpoint on the Cisco device, one being hard phone and one being a softphone, registering 1 TAPI to CallRex and the other TAPI to Call Connector? 

If that's the case though, the softphone would need to be on at all times in order for it to register the TAPI, correct?  Am I understanding this or missing something?

Hi Steve, it should be a lot more simple than that.  I was just forwarded an email from you so I'll continue this discussion in email.


I have integrated Callrex Voice Recording with Cisco UC560 running cme 8.6.

Also I have installed Call Connector to the user's pc.

The system stops recording because the endpoint ip address is overwriitten by the ip address of the pc that is running call connector...

So Nathan as you said there is a simple solution for that..

Can you share it with us?


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