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Can't access BE6k/ESXi from same VLAN

In order to upload ISOs to my VMWare host I usually traverse a 100Mb switch and an ASA5505.  This is painfully slow so I figured that temporarily putting my laptop in the same VLAN/subnet as my VMWare hosts would speed things up since my core switch is 1Gb.

Unfortunately this is only half true.  From the same VLAN/subnet I can't access my BE6k at all.  No ping, SSH, web, or vSphere.  I can upload a 2.5Gb ISO to my first UCS host (of Windows guests) in about 75 seconds.  I can also access it via vSphere and web.

Is there some funky network or security setting that is barring direct network access to my BE6k?  I can access it via every method when I do it through my firewall but nothing works from the same subnet.  I feel like I'm missing something here but the fact that two VMWare boxes with almost identical versions of ESXi running are behaving differently I am led to believe there's a setting in Cisco's stock ESX config that's different.

Any ideas?  TLDR:  Two VMWare hosts in the same VLAN/subnet.  I can reach one but not the other when I put my laptop in the same VLAN.  Both are reachable when traversing the firewall.


You may want to check your IP

You may want to check your IP, Subnet, Gateway, and VLAN settings using a VGA monitor and USB keyboard.


Good thinking.  I'll check it

Good thinking.  I'll check it out tomorrow.  Everything is /24 for simplicity's sake but maybe I fat-fingered something.

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