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CCM 512- Licences not shown for all authorized seats

Installed a fresh CCM 5.1.2 on a MCS7845

customer is having a 800 DLU.

I put the licenses on the Publisher.

only 110 licenses are been displayed in license summary report.

any clues why the rest of the users are not displayed.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Osaf,

The first thing to do is to check the License file you received from Cisco. Using notepad open the .lic file you received, it should show the 800 DLU;

INCREMENT PHONE_UNIT cisco 5.0 permanent uncounted \


icFileVersion> \

HOSTID=000bcd4ee59d OVERDRAFT=40 \

NOTICE="200508261405391622 \

" SIGN="112D 17E4 A755 5EDC F616 0F2B B820 AA9C \

0313 A36F B317 F359 1E08 5E15 E524 1915 66EA BC9F A82B CBC8 \

4CAF 2930 017F D594 3E44 EBA3 04CD 01BF 38BA BF1B"

The preceding license file includes following information:

•No expiration date for this license exists as indicated by the keyword permanent.

•This license file provides 800 PHONE_UNIT licenses.

•OVERDRAFT=40 indicates (5% of 800) allowed overdraft. Cisco determines the overdraft value.

•The Cisco specific fieldLicFileID, identifies this license file.

•You can add multiple increment lines for same feature (phone unit license or node license) in a license file to increase the license count. None of the INCREMENT lines should be identical and each of them should be signed independently.

If your file is incorrect;

Run the Device License Unit Calculator, then send the results to Cisco Licensing requesting the proper DLU License;

Send an email to;

With this;

*Subject - DLU License File Required

Company Name

Company Address

Company Phone

Contact Name

MAC Address of Pub/First Node

Please find attached the output from our DLU License Calculator:

Here is an example *** of course yours will be different;

CTI Port 0 40 0

Cisco 12 S 2 1 2

Cisco 7902 1 1 1

Cisco 7905 2 9 18

Cisco 7920 4 1 4

Cisco 7935 3 1 3

Cisco 7940 4 10 40

Cisco 7960 4 1 4

Cisco 7970 5 1 5

Cisco ATA 186 1 4 4

Cisco IP Communicator 3 1 3

Can you please forward the license file as soon as possible.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the detailed explanation Rob

I have checked the License files:

I have 4 .lic (having 100 users each)files.

I have 40 .lic (having 10 users each) files.

INCREMENT PHONE_UNIT cisco 5.0 permanent uncounted \


HOSTID=************ OVERDRAFT=5 \

NOTICE="200802062058344161 \

" SIGN="1BA6 B640 BA5E F84E DBA3 11EA 8931 2EA9 \

F79C B90E 36D1 8105 A13E 970A 1B1A 05AF 4E25 B248 1AAF 387C \

58E2 E60A 8293 5446 FD92 035C 90D4 E8CE 454A 306E"

- the overdraft value is different in 100 users and 10 users file.

-they have different signatures

i am sending info to Cisco Licensing requesting the proper DLU License.

thanks again for the help- appreciate it.

I will post any gotcha's when all of this is resolved.

Best regards .

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Osaf,

I think they actually sent you everything you need here :) Although the increments are rather odd, if you load all the licenses you will have 800.

I think the files come in increments of 10,100 or 1,000.

Hope this helps!


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