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shaikh ibrahim

CCM 8.6.1- Installation Failed. Restart install to recover from failure

Hi All,

I am installing CCM 8.6.1 on an MCS7835I3 platform. The platform came with CCM 8.6.1 preloaded on the harddrive. During the installation linux detected some compenents like NIC, Raid, and USB.

then after checking some components i face below error

"The installtion has failed and must be restarted to recover from the faliure.

You may dump diagnostic information at this time to a USB storage key. Would you like to dump diagnostic information"

I am try to figure out what is causing this message.

Pls help me!!

Adrian Saavedra
Rising star


Is this the first node (Publisher)?. I think that error might be caused if you're installing the software in a subscriber server that has no connectivity to the publisher server.

Hope to help, remember to rate the post if it does.


- Adrian.

i am installing subscriber but there is a connectivity same network....

Can you post the USB diagnostic dumps of the subscriber here, you might have to connect a USB drive to server when it prompts, you.

Jayant Anand


It seems to me that your server did not begin the CUCM installation. If you already have pre-loaded CUCM media in the server hard disk then you should first check the boot sequence on the server. Make sure that the first option is the hard disk.

Once confirmed, restart the server.

If you still face the issue, then i suggest that you install CUCM from CD.

Below is the installation document. Do check the server compatibility and hardware requirements.

Regards ,

- Jayant


I'm having the same issue trying to get 8.6 on a 7835I3-K9-CMD2.  It's supported according to the documentation and TAC.  TAC has no idea what its problem is.  What was your resolution?

My issue was resolved after changing the IMM value  to "0".

Please find the procedure to check the parameter value I was talking about:

1. Login into IMM web 
2. Goto settings from left hand column 
3. Check the parameter OS Watchdog timer if it is set to 0 mins. If not, please set it to ‘0’.
Please let me know if you have any queries or concern.
Sergey Lazarev

Hi, i have the same problem.

I am installing CCM 9.1. on an MCS7835I3 platform. during install i face below error "The installtion has failed and must be restarted to recover from the faliure"

This server publisher.

I have tried install 6.1.5, but i face the same.

Hi Sergey,

I have the very same issue, have you resolved it? Mine prompts 'failed with return-code 256".



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