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CCM and UCCX Upgrades Needed to get MediaSense Implemented

Here are the versions for my current environment. This includes Cisco CallManager with IM&P, Unified Contact Center Express and Cisco MediaSense.





My particular issue started with the goal of upgrading UCCX from 10.5 to 11.0 so we could utilize the functionality of the web based Finesse agents. We deployed UCCX 11.0 in a fresh new installation (not an upgrade). We were aware the native call recording features were not available in UCCX 11.0 so we purchased Cisco MediaSense. We deployed Cisco MediaSense 11.0 and integrated it with UCCX 11.0. The integration worked, except for the role based access from UCCX to MediaSense. We were not aware that role based features were not available in MediaSense 11.0. Therefore, we upgraded MediaSense from 11.0 to 11.5. This is where things get complicated. At the time of of my MediaSense upgrade, the compatibility Matrix for MediaSense included UCCX 11.0. However, after the upgrade, there were some issues with certificates between UCCX 11.0 and MediaSense 11.5. Initially, with TAC support, we thought we could get around the certificate issues by deploying a fresh install of MediaSense (not from an upgrade), so I deployed a fresh installation of MediaSense 11.5. This did not resolve the certificate issues (see bug here). Cisco has since then updated their compatibility matrix which now does not indicate MediaSense 11.5 is compatible with UCCX 11.0. Now I am left with upgrading our UCCX cluster from 11.0 to 11.5. We did migrate a couple of call centers that did not require call recording capabilities from 10.5 to 11.0, so we are in production on both 10.5 and 11.0.

So, I am looking at the compatibility matrix for UCCX and CCM.

According to the link above, my current CCM version is not compatible with UCCX 11.5 since I am not at a minimum SU1 update. Can someone confirm this?

Assuming I have to upgrade CallManager now, here is my tentative upgrade path. Can someone confirm?

1. Upgrade CCM to 10.5(2) SU4a

2. Upgrade IM&P to release 10.5(2)SU2a (the latest)

3. Upgrade UCCX to release 11.5(1)

4. Hopefully UCCX and MediaSense works

Anyone run into this scenario with MediaSense? 

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