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CER 8.5.1 with CUCM 8.5.1 Local Route Groups


First time around here, so bear with me if I bend or break any rules here.

We are in the process of standing up a Cisco UCS platform for UC to consolidate our CUCM clusters (we have about 6 of them). we are deploying a new CUCM Single Cluster with CUC, UCCE with CVP, Presence, TP and CER. We have about 60+ sites and 2 Data Centers. I am attempting to setup 2 CER (Pub + Sub) cluster to support E911 for the large/single CUCM cluster that will support the all our sites.

I would like to use Local Route Groups for the E911 calls in conjuntion with CER. Here is the flow of the call that i put together,

Phone Dials 911, which is a route point controlled by CER, CER does it magic phone mapping and then turns around and dials the ELIN in its ERL which is "1001.911" which in CUCM is a Route pattern that strips the Pre DOT "1001" and masks Calling Party Mask with ELIN “123 123 1234” (as an Example) and the Route Pattern Points to a Route List  à E911-LRL which points to à Standard Local Route Group.

So now CUCM should use the Local Route Group on the Device Pool for that Phone SiteA-DP which uses SiteA-RG (Route Group) which contains the SiteA SIP CUBE pointing to PSTN and hopefully the call should arrive at the PSAP with a Caller ID of the ELIN "123 123 1234"

My question is will CUCM use the Local Route Group for the originating phone even though the call routed through from CUCM to CER and CER dialed 1001.911 back to CUCM and that in turn dialed 911 which I hope would be sent to the appropriate gateway using Local Route Groups defined in the Originatin Phones Device Pool.

Is my Logic sound?

Thanks in Advance for your feedback.

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