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Charles Hill
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CER onsite alert

Emergency Responder 12.0.  CUCM 12.5.

There is an email alert that is being sent out for all 911 calls, however the email is not listed in the onsite alerts and 3 of the onsite alerts do not have an email listed.  What else or where could the email alert be configured other than the onsite alerts?  

Ratheesh Kumar

Hi there


Here is the guide for configuring alerts. But most importantly, make sure the SMTP server that you are sending the mail to does not allow relay, the email will drop



Step 1.  Navigate to the  CER Admin page > System > CER Group Settings and configure the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Mail Server (You can use the IP or FQDN of the mail server), and the Source Mail ID.

The Source Mail ID is the  name of an account on the mail server that is used to send mail to Onsite Alert personnel. You may want to create an account on your mail server specifically for email notifications from CER to users.  You do not need to configure System Administrator Mail ID for onsite alert to function, this is for system related messages.

Step 2. Navigate to the  CER Admin page > ERL >  Onsite Alert Settings and configure the  Onsite Alert Email Address field for any onsite alert personnel that you would like to receive email notifications. This is the email address of that user, if your user is John Smith and their internal email address is jsmith@<yourcompany>.com, you would enter jsmith@<yourcompany>.com. 

Step 3. Navigate to the  CER Admin page > ERL > Conventional ERL  and verify that onsite alert personnel are assigned to Emergency Response Locations (ERLs).

Note that this is not a requirement, and this should only be done if you would like specific onsite alert personnel to receive notifications when emergency calls are made from phones associated with their respective ERLs.

If there are not onsite alert personnel assigned to ERLs you can assign them by navigating to the  CER Admin page > ERL > Conventional ERL > Select the desired ERL to open the ERL configuration page. On the configuration page, in order to move onsite alert users from the Available Onsite Alert IDs section to the Onsite Alert IDs for the ERL section, click on the onsite alert user to select that user and then click the Add button. To save the configuration changes click on the Update button.  


Hope this Helps


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