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CER Use port description as port location

Hello all,

I am trying to confirm if this "feature" is as useless as I have found it to be. From my testing and what little documentation I can find when checking the "Use port description as port location" check box on the LAN switch details screen this will ONLY show you this information when looking at the switch port details screen. It DOES NOT actually use the switch port description as location information for the 911 call notifications. 


My hope was that by checking this check box the switch port description would override the ALI location information configured within the ERL assigned to the switch port that the phone is connected to. This would allow the creation of one ERL/ALI per building say and the device specific room level information would simply come from the switch port description. With out this option a ERL/ALI has to be created for every room in the building. 


Thank you all.

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in case any else finds this

in case any else finds this post after a bit of testing i found that while the switch port description or what is labeled as "location" on the switch port page doesn't override the ALI location it is included in an additional column called "Phone Location" on the CER user notification page as well as in the email notification. This has the potential to be confusing for the end user however with good documentation i was able to achieve the design I was after using a single ELIN/ALI record per building with a wildcard ELIN number and then specifying a specific location at the switch port level.   

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