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Change IP Address UCS C220M3S


Hello Guys


I want to change the UCS IP Address that I use to access Vsphere to creare/modifiy Virtual Machines


The UCS 220M3S with ESXi-5.1.0 and I don't know how change it, can you guys give me the doc to this procedure ? 


I have changed the UCS M5 IP Address wth ESXi 6.5.0 and I think the procedure is different.


Nithin Eluvathingal
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you need to  use Vsphear Client for  login to 5.X. and remaining procedure remains same.


you can download the client by going to vmware IP on a browser.



you can also change it from UCS console.


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I have changed the IP Address of UCS C220M5 with ESXI 6.5.0 accesing by KVM to the server and I view a Screen Yellow and Black where I select F2 and then Configure Management Network? It is the same procedure with UCS220M3 with ESXI 5.0?   changing the VLAN is here too right?



you can do the same.






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