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CIPC MAC address issue

I have a CIPC that is registering to the CM can make calls but I do not have a user built for this MAC. Even tho it is registerd and I try to search the MAC in CM nothing comes up. I do not even have the END user built that the phone is registering to. Has anyone had a issue like this. I have deleted the new user I am trying to use. I have restarted the TFTP service. I have also taken that MAC and put on a diff CIPC and the issue follows the MAC. It is like the MAC is stuck in the CM????                  

Aman Soi


Did u try to search in database using MAC address and DN ?



I have searched in the CM Admin screen for MAC and DN and it doesnt show up. Are you talking about doing a CLI command for this? I have a TAC case open on this issue but thought I would reach out in here as well. The last thing Cisco had me try was making some service paramter changed to the TFTP and restarting that service.


You can search the device name or DN via CLI running SQL commands:

run sql select * from numplan where dnorpattern='XXXX'

Where XXXX is the DN you see on the CIPC

Or, you can search for the devicename, depending on how it is setup in the CIPC (use the MAC address or an actual name you provided)

run sql select * from device where name = 'XXXXXX'

Where the XXXXXX represents the actual device name.

The outputs may help you go one more step forward on this issue.

Also, have you tried deleting the ITL file from the CIPC? It may be registered to another CUCM (perhaps it was registered to a different cluster/server before), and the ITL is not letting it register with the new server.

On the CIPC press the settings button >> Security settings >> CTL file >> Select >> Delete. Please notice in order to delete the file, the settings need to be unlocked (**#) and the phone will reboot immediately after the file is deleted.

Hope this helps.

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