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Cisco 112-FXS Bundle configuration

Hello, I'm looking to see if there is any documentation or configuration examples on how one would go about configuring a Cisco 112-FXS voice gateway with CUCM

the data sheet that talks about the VG202,VG204,VG224 and the C3945-112FXS/K9 mentions that the 112-FXS is compatible with CUCM 6.1.5, 7.1.3, 8.0 or higher, yet I cannot find any reference on how to configure the gateway on the callmanager.

Perhaps i'm looking in the wrong area, or that the 112-fxs needs to be configured as something generic, or perhaps that the unit isn't fully supported yet?  It seems like a new product, that could explain why I cant find anything on the internet about it.

Thanks for any responses,


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Cisco 112-FXS Bundle configuration


Did you find anything?


Cisco 112-FXS Bundle configuration

Hello Ryan,

Could you find any interesting doc?

I am facing the same issue, and I guess that other engineers also will the next months... :-)




Cisco 112-FXS Bundle configuration

I never was able to find any documentation at the time, that helped me configure the 112-FXS on CUCM 8.0.3

I had to wing it, but I was able to get it configured properly.  Here's the quick and dirty on how to set up the 112-FXS on CUCM 8.0.3 as either MGCP or SCCP (I'm only going to talk about the CUCM side of the configuration, not the CLI side on the 112-FXS itself, that part you should be able to reference the other VG series gateway's as the CLI is effectively the same just on the 15.0 IOS train, if that makes sense.)

-the 112-FXS is basically a 3945 series chassis, so you want to add it as a "Cisco 3945" gateway on the CUCM.

for the configured slots, VICs and Endpoints, use the following configuration:

Slot 0 is NM-4VWIC-MBRD, Subunit 0 through 3 are VIC3-4FXS/DID (The port numbering should show as being from 0/0/0 to 0/3/3 across the 4 subunits.) that gets you 16 of the FXS ports.

for Slots 1 through 4, choose "EVM-HD" for the module, and "EVM-HD-8FXS/DID" for the subunits.  You have to be careful how you number the ports.   Start at "0" on subunit one, "8" on subunit two and "16" on subunit three.

when the 4 slots are configured the numbering should ultimately go 1/0 through 1/23, 2/0 through 2/23, 3/0 through 3/23 and 4/0 through 4/23.   This gets you the remaining 96 FXS ports  (96 + 16 = 112 configurable ports).  On the router itself the numbering is actually #/#/# so 1/23 would really be 1/0/23

each individual port you can setup as a POTS line or if i recall, loop start/ground start.

the above config is from me looking at a 112-FXS configured as a MGCP gateway, for SCCP the modules and slot configuration is nearly identical. 

anyways, I hope this information helps.  for newer versions of CUCM, i can only hope that the 112-FXS is listed as a "supported" gateway on the drop-down list and that you dont have to set it up as a generic 3945 router.


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