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Cisco 7821 - Phone not Registered - CUCM 10.5.1

Hello everyone, 


We bought 35 new 7821 - they are not getting registered. 

they where on 12.0 firmware i upgraded them from CUCM (10.5.1) to 12.5 added extension manually as they are sip still cannot register. 

i have to add VLAN manually in the phones for them to take voice vlan and get rid of activation code and domain. 


We have all others phones 7941 and 7942. 130 phones working. 

Need HELP. 



Accepted Solutions

Having the URLs for the service buttons on the phone in IP-format and having the hostname of your server listed in name format is not a problem. If you change the hostname of your server to an IP address, this will eliminate the need for DNS for your phones. However, it will change your certificates so don't make the change just to get the phones to register.

What you need to do - and this is my third time saying it so I hope you listen - is add DNS resolution to the DHCP pools for your phones so that they can resolve the hostname of the CUCM server to the IP address via DNS. Making the following changes to the DHCP pool will allow your phones to register.

In the DHCP pool for your phones:

  • Add a domain so that the phones know what domain to use to resolve the CUCM hostname
  • Add the location of a DNS server that has an A record for SEPCO-CUCM-PUB in that domain that will resolve the entry into an IP address for your CUCM server.

You do not need to make any changes on the CUCM server to get your phones to register.

It is a small matter to change the FQDN in the Enterprise Parameters so that the names are consistent. This will not change the ability of the phones to register, but has more to do with URI resolution and inter-cluster communications.


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They did get the firmware update? Are you sure you didn't purchase the cloud registered phone loads if registering on prem?


Please post the status messages on the phone as well.


ITL Installed

if you try to go to settings a split second you can see the phone extension number that i have configured in CUCM

not sure how to tell the difference. the phone got updated to firmware 12.5 from cucm.
VIP Collaborator

Forgive me for asking the obvious, but did you install the COP file on all of the servers in your cluster?


YES dear i had installed cop file in CUCM. for 12.5 firmware for the phone. 


the problem is still there phones are not getting registered. when going to settings menu it will show ext number for a second.

I was inquiring if you had installed the COP file on *all* of your servers, and not just the publisher/TFTP server (as per the release notes for the COP file).

To determine the firmware on the phone: If the phone has never registered the phone's webpage may still be active, so give it a try. In a browser, bring up http://<> and go to the "Device Information" link. The current firmware will be listed there under "Version" (not App Load or Boot Load).

If the webpage is not active (CUCM disables this by default), you should be able to look on the phone itself. Settings > Applications > and then some menuing getting you to Device Information. I couldn't find the specific menu structure in the admin guides so either Cisco didn't document it or (for whatever reason) Cisco is not making that information available on the phone.

Regardless, we need to watch the phone attempt to register in the TFTP trace file and the Cisco CallManager trace file. Please gather those two trace files for the period around the registration and post them and we can look and figure out what is wrong. If you don't know how to pull trace files use the instructions at the link below. It is specific about how to gather the CallManager trace files, also check the box for the "Cisco Tftp" service while you are at it:

How to Collect Traces for CUCM 9.x or Later





We have only one Call Manager. 


have attached trace log. 


it shows active load file to latest sip78xx.12-5-1SR3-74

but the upgrade date is old 

last upgrade: 06/09/17 8:29p 



These after i have removed the admin vlan to data then i was able to access the webpage.

Service modeOn-premise
Service domain 
Service stateIdle
MAC Address0CD0F8F45989
Host NameSEP0CD0F8F45989
Phone DN7829
App Load IDrootfs78xx.12-5-1SR3-74
Boot Load IDsboot78xx.12-5-1SR3-74
Hardware Revision33
Serial NumberWZP22390DDJ
Model NumberCP-7821
Message WaitingNo
Cisco IP Phone 7821
Time ZoneAsia/Dubai
System Free Memory2147483647
Java Heap Free Memory1331672
Java Pool Free Memory2147483647
FIPS Mode EnabledNo


Domain Name 
DHCP Server192.168.1.1
BOOTP ServerNo
IP Address192.168.0.129
Subnet Mask255.255.254.0
Default Router 1192.168.1.1
DNS Server 1192.168.1.2
DNS Server 2192.168.1.1
DNS Server
Alternate TFTPNo
TFTP Server 1 
TFTP Server 2 
DHCP Address ReleasedNo
Operational VLAN ID 
Admin VLAN ID 
Unified CM1 
Unified CM2 
Unified CM3 
Unified CM4 
Unified CM5 
Information URLhttps://
Directories URLhttps://
Messages URL 
Services URLhttps://
Idle URL 
Idle URL Time0
Proxy Server URL 
Authentication URLhttps://
SW Port SetupAuto Negotiate
PC Port SetupAuto Negotiate
PC Port DisabledNo
User LocaleEnglish_United_States
Network LocaleUnited_States
User Locale Version10.0.0.0(1)
Network Locale Version10.0.0.0(1)
Speaker EnabledYes
Group ListenNo
GARP EnabledYes
Span to PC PortNo
Video Capability EnabledNo
Voice VLAN EnabledYes
Auto Line Select EnabledNo
DSCP For Call ControlCS3
DSCP For ConfigurationCS3
DSCP For ServicesDefault
Security ModeNon Secure
Web Access EnabledYes
SSH Access EnabledNo
CDP: SW PortYes
CDP: PC PortYes
LLDP: PC PortYes
LLDP Power PriorityUnknown
LLDP Asset ID 
CTL FileNot Installed
ITL FileInstalled
ITL SignatureAE D7 BD A3 30 63 C0 98 99 21 F3 D1 65 04 27 90 BA 42 B3 F1
CAPF ServerCAPF-39b96a70
Automatic Port SynchronizationNo
Switch Port Remote ConfigurationDisabled
PC Port Remote ConfigurationDisabled
IP Addressing ModeIPv4 Only
IP Preference Mode ControlV4
IP Preference Mode For MediaV4
IPv6 Auto ConfigurationYes
IPv6 Accept Redirect MessageNo
IPv6 Reply Multicast Echo RequestNo
IPv6 Load Server 
IPv6 Log Server 
IPv6 CAPF Server 
IPv6 Address::
IPv6 Prefix Length0
IPv6 Default Router 1::
IPv6 DNS Server 1::
IPv6 DNS Server 2::
IPv6 Alternate TFTPNo
IPv6 TFTP Server 1::
IPv6 TFTP Server 2::
IPv6 Address ReleasedNo
Energywise Power LevelFull
Energywise Domain 
Service ModeOn-premise





Debug log attached from phone


[04:47:19p,22/06/19] DeviceTLInfo DeviceName=SEP0CD0F8F45989 IPv4Address= IPv6Address=CTL_Signature=Not InstalledCTL_TFTP_Server=N/AITL_Signature=AE D7 BD A3 30 63 C0 98 99 21 F3 D1 65 04 27 90 BA 42 B3 F1 ITL_TFTP_Server=SEPCO-CUCM-PUBStatusCode=3


[04:47:17p,22/06/19] No IPv4 DNS Server
[04:47:18p,22/06/19] ITL Installed
[04:47:19p,22/06/19] SEP0CD0F8F45989.cnf.xml.sgn(HTTP)
[04:47:20p,22/06/19] IPv4 DNS Timeout SEPCO-CUCM-PUB
[04:47:22p,22/06/19] IPv4 DNS Timeout SEPCO-CUCM-PUB
[04:50:16p,22/06/19] No IPv4 DNS Server
[04:50:17p,22/06/19] ITL Installed
[04:50:18p,22/06/19] SEP0CD0F8F45989.cnf.xml.sgn(HTTP)
[04:50:18p,22/06/19] IPv4 DNS Timeout SEPCO-CUCM-PUB
[04:50:20p,22/06/19] IPv4 DNS Timeout SEPCO-CUCM-PUB


We have SIP phone 8831 that are working fine. but 7821 cannot register. 


Both the log file from the phone and the phone status messages say that the phone cannot resolve SEPCO-CUCM-PUB via DNS. The phone is looking for SEPCO-CUCM-PUB as its TFTP server and since it can't resolve that to an IP address, it is failing.

I don't see a domain listed in the phone, so I think the phone can't resolve the name because it does not know which domain to query for that host.

Does your DHCP pool for this phone have a domain declared? If not, or if it can't, can you change the option 150 to point to an IP address instead of a hostname?





option 150 - cucm ip is already there. 

i have restarted the TFTP also. no use. 


still the same. 

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