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Laura Douglas
Frequent Contributor

Cisco Cius -- anyone want one?

Background: I've spent my career in storage hardware and software for the enterprise ... think mainframe disk arrays, tape libraries, storage area networks, backup and archive software ... you get the picture.

So to work for a company that makes fun Flip camcorders, TelePresence, WebEx conferencing, IM, video phones, video sharing portals, etc ... and an integrated portal software (Quad) that ties it all together for one-stop shopping ... this is "big fun"!   But I have to say the big fun became "gigantic fun" today with the announcement of Cisco Cius!

Anyone else want one, besides me?!




A lightwaight alternative for my laptop in meetings would be grait.

Drop in a microsot exchange email and calendar client and I think tey got a winner.

Thanks, chrismolanis, for chiming in.

I've been lugging my 10 ton (or so it seems) Thinkpad around Cisco Live since Sunday ... really using it only for tweeting, note taking, and access to this community, facebook, email, calendaring, and intranet.  My back thanks Cisco. And, hey, think of all the space and fuel costs this will save the airlines!

For Mother's Day my hubby got himself -- oh, I mean me -- an iPad.  I thought it was a cool gadget but didn't realize just how it would change my behavior. I've had a laptop and cell phone for ages, like many.  But the weight and heat of even my light home laptop combined with the feeling that when I was on it I felt like I was "at work" (making me feel like I never got a rest from work -- not too rejuvenating), kept me from grabbing it sometimes when I had a "wonder if" question.  And browsing the internet on my small screen on my cell phone makes me tired.  With the iPad, it is fun and I don't feel like I'm at work.  I lay back in my comfy couch with my feet kicked back and surf.  My kids and I plan vacations, pick out streaming NetFlix movies, and more -- together and again on that comfy couch.

So I think Cisco Cius is going to make my work life funner (well, as fun as work gets, that is) and radically (?) change my behavior. And, I'm already fast-forwarding to simplifying my life more with one device for personal and pleasure -- or maybe that iPad will stick around at home to help me resist the temptation of 'checking just one thing' at work



Hi Laura,

Thanks for sharing...put me down for two in white and one in gray




Yes, please ... but am I limited to only one?


I would like to start seeing how I can use CIUS as a clinnical solution to connect patients with nurses over video and tie in health monitoring to this.  Not sure if we as a partner can get one but I am def interested

Joshua Learn

Sure, you can put me down for 2 also!

Cisco Employee

It has been fun to watch the Cisco Cius concept evolve.  Great vertical opportunities for sure.  Can't wait to see where people want to take this solution.


Put me down for a boatload (after I test two)....

Smart marketing on Cisco's part, but I do question unveiling it 4-6 months before it will be available? The momentum will have swung by then, and I'm sure version 2 of theiPad will have video/facetime so this will be a good technology battle.

Now if there's a Beta program and you need some testers, let me know!

Bob James

Hello Bob,

Timing of announcement of Cisco Cius at Cisco Live 2010 was to get the word out to Android Developer partners now so that we may partner with them to deliver value-added applications for Cisco Cius, which will support Android Froyo 2.2, when it is generally available in CY Q1 2011.

We're beginning the engagement now as we speak. In addition, this fall, we'll make a software developer's kit and Cisco API's for call and media control available to those Android Developers who choose to register with our Cisco Developer's Network. It's all about applications and our focus is to have a wealth of horizontal and vertically oriented applications available for Cisco Cius at time of its availability.

As for comparisons with Apple's iPad, we've seen these in the media. The iPad has been and is designed with consumers in mind. In turn, Cius is designed for business application as a mobile collaboration tablet, offering Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco Collaboration applications including HD video with Cisco TelePresence Solution, centralized management (of applications and the device) and full end-to-end security.

Thanks for your interest in Cisco Cius!

Kirk McNeill

Collaboration Solutions Marketing

Cisco Systems

Laura Douglas
Frequent Contributor

Thanks everyone for chiming in.  I've been on vacation in the mountains with terrible internet connection (gasp -- now if only Cisco Cius could solve that too! lol) but fun to come back to the real world and see the enthusiasm.

Kirk, appreciate you providing some responses here. Good stuff happening!

Laura Douglas

Collaboration Community Manager


I absolutely want one. The size fits my hands well, I love the two cameras being integrated and the fact that it is on Android OS. Very good stuff. Oh - yeah: good for work stuff too.


I think the Cius would be great fun.  BUT how do you sell it to your company when they already have video systems in place.  I'm seeing cost estimates between $800-$1000 per Cius unit.  How to you cost justify that when you have $400-$1000 invested per phone already on the desks?  Any suggestions?

Hello Debbie,

Thanks for the question about Cisco Cius.

If you have existing video conferencing systems in place today that you invested in (not outsourcing service) and recent purchases of desktop phones, the business case for migration to Cisco Cius could be targeted towards new hires and/or employees that you now need to mobile enable that previously were not provisioned for mobile access in their roles . In such a case, Cisco Cius with its support of Unified Communications and the suite of Collaboration applications from Cisco, would enable you to cost justify the investment per unit by using Cius as your desktop IP Phone from day 1. You likely have metrics for your costs savings with adoption of video which could be applied to these new Cius users given its support for HD video encoding/decoding.

In turn, if outsourcing video services today, bringing them in-house under your control can be a cost containment measure in itself.

Additionally, should you be considering migration to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, wherein your business applications reside in the data center, this can further consolidate your costs at the desktop with Cius support of virtual desktop integration.

Also note that while there are cost benefits with Cisco Cius, there are also productivity benefits to be had. Mobile enabling your employees enables them to bring their desktop experience with them, wherever they are. Remaining connected whether at the desk, roaming within the campus or when off-campus. From an IT perspective, Cius is provisioned off Unified Communications Manager, thus centralized management is offered and includes not just applications but the device itself. Security is delivered with full end-to-end encryption which is an important consideration for organizations today.

Hope this helps.

Kirk McNeill

Collaboration Solutions Marketing

Cisco Systems

Cisco Employee

Greetings Team

I am a Lead in Cisco on  Cisco TelePresence and Tandberg deployment team and need access to Cius to setup and test the interoperatibility and access application to manage these endpoints. We also have some web and Java based remote applications for AV switches. I am looking forward to get one cius on thie beta program and would love to help with testing.

Please count me in..

Thanks and Regards

Anoop Narang

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