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Cisco CM - On Hold Music files size



I have a 353Mb file of over an hours' music I am trying to load but CUCM page keeps on bombing out.

I have read that there is no real size limit else than say the HDD space but for a file upload via web browser it seems to me that 353Mb is too big, can that be confirmed? 


Step 1:

Choose file to upload:


Step 2:

Press Upload File:



Is there any other way one can upload MOH files except via the GUI, maybe from CLI via SFTP or TFTP?

Or is the answer here, dear client please make the file smaller?


Thank you in advance for any comments on the maybe silly question.

Best Regards
Roger Kallberg
VIP Advisor

I don’t have any specific information about a specific size limit, but quite frankly that file is definitely to big. What is your intent with this big file? Why do you need it?

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I am checking with the customer on why they need a MoH file of an hour long, I have asked them to consider to bring the size down to say 100/150Mb give or take 30 - 40 min of music. I just wanted to make sure if there is a documented size limit, which I cannot find so far to provide to the customer as a guideline for future file sizes.


Thank you for the response.

Best Regards

Who in their right mind would hold for this long!

What is the customers use case for this? I assume that you would know that a shorter MOH file would loop if the holde is still on hold? With that you’re customer can have any one on hold and play music to them for as long as anyone have the patience to wait on hold.

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Roger all I can say is good question. Not sure why but that is what the client provided me with to upload. 

Will inform you just for the sake of it if I get an answer on why the huge file and long MoH play list.

Best Regards

Even 30-40  mins music will be too long.

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