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Cisco IPCC 7 - Windows 2003 IIS failure

                   Dear support community,

                   I have one ipcc 7 server running on top of windows 2003 sp2. Today I try to log in into the history reports utility and I got this error: "Failed to establish connection with web server. Please check if the web server at the following address is running and try again: <ipcc address>:80". At first I thoght this will be an easy one to solve. I connected to the server and the IIS admin service was down. I tried to bring it up but it did not work. I tried some workarounds involving restoring the metabase, checkig the encrytion keys, permissions, restarting the server, etc. and it still does not go up. The IPCC applicattion as such is working fine, but I have no administration of it. I am starting to evaluate reinstalling the IIS service but I am not sure about  the impact on the IPCC web pages. I believe that if I reinstall IIS it will erase the web directories and ipcc associated files. Do you have any suggestion? What can I do to have this server working again?

                   I have attached a document containing screen captures of the errors as seen in the Windows services console.

                   Best Regards,



Hi Rafael,


From the screen shots that you supplied it looks like Windows in unable to locate the specified Windows file that is associated with IIS.  At this point your best bet will be to reinstall IIS.  You may even be able to run a repair on IIS and it may just replace the missing file.  This should not affect your agents unless they are using the web based version of the CAD of course.  While reinstalling IIS any web based services that the server is responsible for will not work.  I can only suggest you try to do this within one of your service windows. 

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