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Cisco Jabber Problem

Hello everybody,

I am trying to setup cisco jabber with call manager 8.0 for android and iphone I was testing this with my android phone which have cisco jabber client installed on it from the google play store and I made the call manager configuration side and I have had my android phone register to the call manager it send and recieve call with no problem but i am trying to move the call from my android phone which is registered to call manager via  my corparate wifi network to the mobile voice network but when I click more on my android phone to move the call I have only 2 options transfer or add call there is no othere option which is the use mobile network ?!!!


Cisco Jabber Problem

Okay I got it Now the problem is solved and I would like to share with you what was the issue It was that the Phone recogonized my corparate wifi network as non corparate so according to cisco the option to use mobile network will be unavailable so what I ahve to do is on the iphone or android phone where the cisco jabber installed i have to go to the cisco jabber seeting I have there a lot of option I have to go to corpoarte wifi and identify the ssid for my corporate wifi after choosing it I got the option appeared while I am on an active call and I would like to move my call to mobile network.

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