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Cisco Jabber User ID & Flexible Jabber ID

We want to allow users to log into Jabber with their 'mail' attribute as their Jabber User ID.

For example user Anita Perez works at Acme Corporation.

sAMAccountName = aperez

mail =

Typically, Anita would log into Jabber with the default Jabber User ID: for initial login.

We want to allow Anita to login using her mail attribute as the Jabber User ID: for initial login.

Can anyone advise if this is possible?

We were under the impression that enabling 'Flexible Jabber ID' addresses this requirement, but TAC haven't been able to shed any light on the matter.



Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Yes, you use flexible JID in order to do that.



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Thanks for your reply Jaime (5 stars).


We have an open TAC case because we're unable to make Flexible JID work to allow the user to sign in with their mail attribute. The TAC engineer says its not possible - but I believe the TAC engineer doesn't understand Flexible JID.


Can you confirm the configuration items required to enable Flexible JID? I'm unable to find any official Cisco configuration guides to enable Flexible JID. The closest thing I've found to a configuration guide are a couple of slides from a CiscoLive365 presentation attached as screenshots.


Here are the configuration steps that we have completed:


CUCM 10.5(2)SU2

System > LDAP > LDAP Directory > Standard User Fields To Be Synchronized

User ID: sAMAccountName

Directory URI: mail


IM&P 10.5(2)SU1

Presence > Settings > Advanced Configuration

IM Address Scheme: Directory URI





Please let me know if we're missing any required configuration or, if anything above is incorrect.

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

That's pretty much it

I have it in my lab along with 4 domains in my cluster, so I'm using flexible JID and multi-domain, and now I use,, etc. to login with Jabber.

Make sure to adjust your SRVs (if necessary).



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Thanks Jaime

Hi Jaime - Just to clarify... should the solution we're trying to implement work if we're NOT using multiple domains? Ie., if the only domain is should we be able to have Flexible JID to enable login with the mail attribute work for the single domain (


Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Yes, multi-domain is a collateral of flexible JID if the mail from the users are on more than one domain.



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Hi Jaime:

JID work perfectly at internal network, but when someone try to connect outside network (Expressway solution) for first time in his/her Jabber, JID don´t work. JID solution supports expressway?.

Thank in advance...

No MRA does not support multiple-domains in it's current releases.

Hi Chris:

Thank's, but is only one domain. Just only change the name like... joelcontreras (LDap atribute) jcontreras (Mail ID). keep it internal and external access.


Is this still the case using Flexible JID and MRA login?  We have X8.8 and UC 11.5 and still have this issue.  Just wondering if nothing has been done in the last year to resolve this.

Anyone have any updates?  Again Flexible JID working from internal just not via MRA.  When using MRA you have to use your username instead of email.  Works using but not

Just checking as this thread is over a year old now.


Thanks Chris.  That sums it up.  Glad Cisco is on top of this.  NOT.  

I appreciate your response though.

Hi there,

Could u pls advise if flexible (jiD) login with email addresses works with MRA ?

My customer has multiple email address domains (different email domain for different groups/divisions). 

Thx for ur help..

It should work. Ensure the SRV's are in place for all the domains.

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