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Cisco Prime Collaboretion Provisioning 10.5 LDAP Autoprovisioning


I am configuring the Prime Provisioning on customer site.

I have problem with LDAP synchronizatioan. I would like to use LDAP synchroznization on Provisioning and put the users to CUCM as LDAP user.

I aslo would like to use autoprovisioning for IM servise only for emplyee role.

I have done all steps from wizard. The LDAP is workong OK on Provisionini ( I see user in Provisioning user tab), but I don't see the user in CUCM.

I only can manual order servises but in this situation I see the user in CUCM as a local user.

I tried on greenfield and brownfield innstalation the results are the same I see the users from LDAP in CPCP but i don't see users in CUCM.

Could you help me?

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee


From the description it seems like you have not configured LDAP sync on CUCM.


Can you confirm which CUCM version you are using ?


From the SRND LDAP sync on CUCM :


Instructions  for doing the same :


You mentioned you already have LDAP sync enabled for your domains in Prime Colaboration Provisoning. Once you have LDAP sync enabled on CUCM, in PCP under Design > Infrastructure setup > Pick the CUCM and make sure  the LDAP integration is not set to NONE and is set to either Sync or Sync And Authenticate.


This way when a new user X is created from LDAP, that user X comes into PCP. Now PCP will check if that user X exists in CUCM and only if the user exists, the services provisioned are added for that user. If that user is not found then PCP will wait to find that user in CUCM. So the sync schedule is important to make sure CUCM has the user X before Automatic Service Provisioning is triggered for the user X.


More details on Automatic Service Provisioning here:


If you set the LDAP integration to None under Design > Infrastructure setup, PCP will create that user as Active Local User in CUCM and that is what is happening in your case. You can enable LDAP sync for CUCM and depending on the version of CUCM, those active local users will get converted to LDAP synced users automatically if the userid matches.


Hope that helps.


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