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Cisco Single Voicemail Box (IP phone + mobile phone) ?


Hi there,

I’m trying to understand how the « Cisco Single VoiceMail Box » works.

Based on SRND (scroll down), this functionality is available through Cisco Mobile Connect.

Let me introduce my case :

Company :

(Cluster) : CUCM 8.5, Unity Cx 8.5, CUWL PRO .

(Adam) : 1 mobile phone (Blackberry, iPhone, ...) + 1 IP phone (Cisco 89xx) + Cisco Unified Mobility (Mobile Connect)

Current :

External Call ==> (Adam’s Mobile Phone) == ring no answer ==> (Vodafone/At&T/… Voicemail box)

External Call ==> (Adam’s IP Phone) == ring no answer ==> (Cisco Unity Connection 8.5)

Expected :

External Call ==> (Adam’s Mobile Phone) ==ring no answer ==> something here ? ==> (Cisco Unity Connection 8.5)

External Call ==> (Adam’s IP Phone) ==ring no answer ==> (Cisco Unity Connection 8.5)

Is it possible with Mobile Connect ? I mean,  without software such as Blackbery BES/MVS or Cisco CUMA / Mobile 8 / Mobile Communicator ?

If yes, how does it works ?

Thanks !



So here is what is supported. In your desired scenario, the first scenario won’t work because the call isn’t being controlled by CUCM. So if I understand you right, if I am sitting in my house and I call Adams’ cell phone number direct it wont reach Uconn. However let’s say I am sitting in the office and I call Adam’s cell phone from my Cisco IP Phone instead of his desk phone, then before the call is sent out the GW, CUCM(I don’t remember the exact version but this feature was only introduced in 8.X) looks at it it’s tables realizes the number I am dialing is RD of Adam desk phone and then anchors the call so that it rings both his desk and his cell(SNR). In this case if he doesn’t answer his cell the call will be dropped into Uconn

Now if Adam was running some mobile client that could register back to CUCM and I called his desk number(not cell) from my home phone as an example then of course the call would hit your PRI, CUCM would then ring his desk phone and his cell phone(app within it) and you could pick up the call. if he didn’t it would end up in Uconn which would so SIB to exchange and also show up in his Visual VM within the IPhone as an example.

Hope this helps.





It depends on what feature you're using for Mobility. Here are some scnarios.

If you're using SNR for mobility then its not possible to forward your call to Unity Connection because you're just transferring an IP call to user's cell phone number.

If you're registering your iPhone/Android Cisco Mobile app directly to your CUCM using VPN connectivity or say Corporate Wi-Fi, then your Call would land on Unity Connection. Because in this case you will dial user's Extension number and not the Cell Phone number.

In case of Blackberry MVS you've an option to integrate your Voice Mail server(Unity Connection) and you can define User credentials in MVS User configuration page. So once you integrate your Unity Connection system with BlackBerry MVS and you're registering your Blackberry device using VPN/Mobile connection you should be able to get all your voice mail to Unity connection. In this scenario too you're just dialling User's extension and not the Cell Phone number.

In 2 and 3rd cases Desk Phone Extension and iPhone/Android/Blackberry Mobile app's extensions are same.

Hope this helps.




I'm going to put on my engineering cap and say that this *is* possible.  Here's how I see doing it:

Cellular providers allow you to chose a destination to send a call in the event you don't answer your phone.  By default this goes to the provider's voicemail.  This is similar to on CUCM setting the CFNA.  IF you set this number to be a DID on CUCM that's tied to the same Unity Connection voicemail box as the user's production IP phone, you should get the single voicemail box feel you're targeting for.  Here's the example:

My Mobile Number:  408-128-3522

My IP Phone Outside DID:  408-222-4488

My Mobile-to-Corporate Voiemail DID:  408-222-9488

So on my AT&T phone, I'd dial the the following number to send my call-forward no answer to my corporate voice system:  *004*14082229488*11#

On CUCM I'd create a dummy phone with the DID and do a CFNA/CFUnregistered and send it to UCxn, like every other phone.  Since the device is never registered, all calls will go directly to voicemail.  In Unity Connection, I go to my profile for my IP phone voicemail box (+14082224488) and set +14082229488 as an alternate extension.  This way when the call destined for that DID hits Unity Connection, they'll go to my inbox.  When all is done, here's the final flow:

1)  Caller dials my mobile number, +1408-128-3522.  I don't answer.

2)  My device on AT&T is set to forward when I don't answer, so the call gets forwarded to +1-408-222-9488

3)  The call hits my corporate CUCM, device matches but isn't registerd (or is call forward all to voicemail), so the call is sent to Unity Connection.

4)  Unity Connection matches the number as an Alternate Extension to my production IP phone, +1-408-222-4488, so the caller hears my corporate voicemail greeting and then leaves me a message.

5)  Based upon my config, the message will light my corporate MWI and may also go to my Exchange inbox, which may be synced, using ActiveSync, to my smart phone.

While I haven't done this exact scenario, I've done something very similar before.  If you'd like to discuss further, let me know but this looks to be the solution for what you'd like to achieve.


PS:  Great avatar!

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