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It might be necessary to go

It might be necessary to go into root to fix this issue, please open a TAC case to seek additional help if you are still having this issue.


Hi, I am facing the same



I am facing the same issue with IM&Presence 10.0.1 integration with CUCM 10.0.1. Where is this password tab. I am not finding any on the Im&Presence admin page. It used to be appearing in the previous versions


You can change the password

You can change the password by cli


Hi This password has to be



This password has to be reset on the Presence server isnt it?


Can you please share teh syntax or a guide reference where this is specifically mentioned about axl password change on presence server


I am running into the same

I am running into the same issue with a client currently.


Has anyone been able to resolve it? Can you please post the resolution steps or fix?


We have a CUCM 10.5 cluster (1Pub 1Sub) with a single CIMP 10.5 node. Everything was working smoothly for the first few months (~3) but after a power outage the users are no longer being synced from CUCM to CIMP. In the CIMP troubleshooter we are seeing an error stating Cisco IM and Presence Data Monitor service is not running, when it is. We notice that the Cisco Sync Agent service is in a Not Running state. If we try to start it it will sit there for a while with a status of Starting and then go back to Not Running. We did a restart of the CIMP node again to no avail.

We also see in the logs:

"2015-07-27 23:27:56,660 ERROR [AXL Runner for parent thread ID:1 (main)] axl.AXLClientLogger - sendSOAPRequest() :: 401-Permission Denied.Authorisation failed. Possibly invalid credentials"


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If i were in your shoes I

If i were in your shoes I would try to do something with AXL user, for example, recreate AXL user in CUCM with the same login and password. or change them.


After working with TAC we

After working with TAC we found that the appadmin user (same as AXL user in 10.5) for the CUCM cluster password had to be changed AND we were hitting a bug that the CUCM appadmin password cannot contain certain characters for integration with CIMP.

Do you have a document that

Do you have a document that states that or a bug id ?


Appologies but I cannot

Appologies but I cannot locate this at this time, I tried to find it again. It was for the AXL user (now appadmin) password cannot contain certain characters to be used for CM connectivity.

This may or may not be the same root problem you are running into.

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I believe it's this bug;

I believe it's this bug;

Sync Agent doesnt start after fresh install or upgrade to 10.0.1/10.5
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