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Cisco Unified Presence IM compliance database - duplicate entries


I recently setup PostgreSQL for the IM compliance feature.  I noticed in the "JM" table, where all IM messages are stored, there are some duplicate/double entries.  Is this normal or am I missing some settings/configuration?



Me too, I'm facing the same problem. How we can fix that ??


Same here...

Also to note I have "Enable Outbound message logging" off.  When that was on I was getting duplicates of both inbound and outbound (so 4 messages for each conversation).

Looking at the table, it happens 99% of the time, on occassion there appears to only be one log entry.

Using  9.1.1


Has anyone found resolution to this issue?



Did anyone figure out the solution for this or have any guidance please?

Md Hasan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

JM table is the one that will have all the IM message (compliance) and Persistent Chat Room messages (if configured). If that table is not populated, there are configuration issue in PostGre.

Duplicate entries are due to one message going out from IM&P Server and another one coming in. This is ok and normal. You can try un-checking the checkbox for "Enable Outbound Message Logging" IM&P Server compliance settings - if it makes any difference

I am still experiencing this duplication with with the latest IM&P version. Has anyone managed to fix it?

I only have Incoming messages turned on but the JM table often contains duplicate rows for a message. The only difference is a few milli seconds on the sent_date column.

There is only one message displayed in the Jabber clients so why do I have 2 recorded in the JM table.

We have done some testing and there are times when only a single row is generated in the JM but we cannot find a 100% pattern that explains why.

If I turn on Outgoing messages then I get a 3rd row but the Outgoing are never duplicated.

Is this duplication expected or is there a configuration that needs to be set somewhere.

At the moment if I use the JM to see message activity Users are showing nearly double what they actually receive.

For ad hoc group chat messages, by default IM and Presence Service logs multiple copies of the same message to the external database, one copy for each recipient. This identifies what users in the ad hoc group chat received the message.
Depending on the XMPP client you deploy, you may also notice this behavior:
• IM and Presence Service may log an incoming message to the external database twice. This occurs because some XMPP clients do not support the ability to learn the full JID, or address, of the other party in the conversation. Consequently the XMPP client forks the message to all active clients for the user (all clients that the user is currently signed into), and IM and Presence Service then logs all forked messages to the external database.
• IM and Presence Service may log the first message in a chat to the external database twice. This occurs until the XMPP client learns the full JID, or address, of the other party in the conversation.

refer :

any solutions on this topic?
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