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Cisco Unity Voicemail to Email

Starting today our email stopped being sent to voicemail. I'm by no means an expert in the Unity world so I've done my fair share of research but can't seem to find an answer.

This has worked without issue for years and we haven't made any changes to the Unity system so I'm trying to find out where I can look to see if some change elsewhere is having ripple effect.

I've verified the SMTP server is still correct, no complaints about other services using SMTP.

I looked at my user in the CUCA and it still shows Accept and Relay for voicemail to my email.

Not knowing how much more there is to it or how complex setting this feature up limits my ability to troubleshoot this new issue.

We use O365 and are running Unity Connection version 8.6.2ES120.24901-120.

I am going to keep poking around but I figured I'd throw out some life lines while I do it.

Thanks in advance.


I did try to set the email address to my own personal Yahoo address and still did not receive the voicemail, but I do receive it on my phone itself.

I went into User-> Users and found my Unity user. Then I went to Edit->Unified Messaging Accounts and clicked on Office365 and from there I clicked Test. I received a 401 error with "Some possible reasons for 401: Incorrect service account name or password. Service account password expired. Proper permissions not granted to service account. Exchange mailbox uninitialized."
The only thing I could connect with a bad or expired password is our domain admin password was changed a couple weeks ago (due to the person who set this up leaving the company) and maybe the updated password was missed somewhere. I did change it on the LDAP Directory Configuration page when we changed it, but maybe there is somewhere else it needs changed.