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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


Can I use COBRAS to move

Can I use COBRAS to move everything except voice messages between Unrestricted and Restricted versions?

Cisco Employee

yes, all other data comes in

yes, all other data comes in via ODBC or via HTTP (greetings/voice names and such come via HTTP downloads) which are not locked down on the unrestricted version.

be sure to use the updated builds of COBRAS I mentioned above that are currently on the temporary download page (we'll be moving them to the main page this weekend):



Hi Lindborg,

Hi Lindborg,

Now I am on this situation,

I have Unity 8.6 unrestricted Version. After reading this thread, I use /UseCUMI to run COBRAS and got following error, if I don't select "Include Voice Messages" then works fine every time. Please help me I need to Backup voice messages as well..


[Thread 001], [16/11/20 11:21:40], Checking to see if WAV file download functionality works, this may take a moment...

[Thread 001], [16/11/20 11:22:14],     Checking CUMI connectivity capability before starting export.

[Thread 001], [16/11/20 11:22:27], Connected to server for CUPI functionality using SSL3

[Thread 001], [16/11/20 11:22:27], (error) failed to log into Connection server via CUMI using the login credentials provided:Login failed to Connection server: Details=    WebCallResults contents:

    URL Sent:

    Method Sent: GET

    Body Sent:

    Success returned: False

    Status returned -1:-1

    Error Text: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel

    Raw Response Text: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel

    Total object count: 0

    Status description: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel


[Thread 001], [16/11/20 11:22:43], Unable to log into Connection to extract messages.  Review the output below and the help file for details and troubleshooting steps.

Cisco Employee

as a side note, tossing a

as a side note, tossing a question into the middle of a long thread like this is a good way to have it be missed... 

This is not actually related to that command line but some security updates Microsoft has recently started rolling out on Windows that restricts older SSL3 HTTPS connections (used by CUMI for versions of Connection older than 10) - I have a patched version of COBRAS export I just posted - 8.0.75 - which you can download off my temp page here:

it should force the SSL3 attachment to go through when attaching to Connection versions older than 10.0 which use TLS.


Great, Looks it is working

Great, Looks it is working now. Thanks Lindborg!!!


Re: as a side note, tossing a

Hi Mate,


Could I have this same Unrestricted 8.6 export unrestricted COBRAS available again?




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