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COBRAS export process


I need to handle Unity 5.0 to Unity Connection migration, is there any way to stop the Unity 5.0 services etc to during the COBRAS export to make sure data migration accuracy when import to Connection? Previously i exported for total subscriber around 650 took around 17 hours.

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COBRAS export process

Hello Mohd,

You can stop the services from Unity, run: Start> run> services.msc  all services starting with Av (which stands for Active Voice) are Unity services plus some additional ones, however, stopping services won't ensure data migration accuracy during export on Unity.

You also mention a time factor, so it would be best if there could be a more detailed clarification towards what are your needs or what are you looking for.

Personally i would read the information on the link below which can clarify lots of doubts, it's pretty clear and straight forward:

Happy Holidays,



COBRAS export process

Hi David,

I'm not sure is that recommended way or not to retain data migration accuracy, plus theres a lot of services that starting with Av.

If i proceed without stopping the services, what if during the exporting process.. theres a few callers leave voicemail and that voicemail is not migrated to the exported database?

So i'm trying to avoid that kind of incoming new data


COBRAS export process

Hi Mohd,

Thanks for the clarification. A friend tatanick helped me out doing the lab recreate in the Unity side and we stopped the AvCsMgr which is a main service to allow the system to receive calls, we did receive an error:

(error) There was a problem with the License data from the server in  GetLicenseData on modLicense.

This is likely caused by invalid XML data  returned or a missing effectivelicense.asp file on the server.

12/26/2013  9:42:28 AM: (error) No licensing information returned from Unity - make sure the  Unity server is running properly and has at lease one license file installed.  You can check the effective license count using a web browser with the URL:


12/26/2013  9:42:28 AM: License database values updated

However the export was good and successful for all users.  You could look at the two following scenarios as the backup takes almost 20 hours. Preferably performed after hours:

Scenario A:

You stop taking calls on Unity, this might be considered as 'unaceptable' in some companies, and you ensure that no messages are missed. More transparent migration.

Senario B:

You run the backup and let the system keep taking calls, some messages might get missed during the migration, however users might still keep them in Exchange. So you could send a message to a distribution list that there will be a cutover during certain period and therefore should pay close attention to their email client. This personally even though it presents a slight inconvenient as it won't be as 'transparent' but the company does not experience down time.

Let me know your thoughts.


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