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COBRAS Import questions

I am migrating from one Unity Server to another. 

Here is my approach:

1) COBRAS backup on old server

2) Bulk delete subscribers

3) Validate that all Unity properties are no longer present for the user with the remove subscriber properties

4) Force AD replication

5) Run the COBRAS import on the new server

When I get to the point of importing the user I get the message that there is a conflict. 

My question is - Is there a time I should wait after deleting to re-import?


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COBRAS Import questions

If you are migrating from one Unity server to another, why did you not use Digital Networking?  That is the correct way to do this.

You will probably need to wait long for AD to clean up everything.  You can try and kick the Unity services to have this replicate faster.   If you did Digital Networking, you could have simply moved them from one server to another automatically. (less work)     


COBRAS Import questions

Why bother deleting on the old server until a week a so after the migration. COBRAS is preferred over Networking.


COBRAS Import questions


If you are moving things around within an existing AD domain (e.g. upgrading onto new hardware) then Tom is right here.  You would set up digital networking between the existing systems and then leverage the ability to move users from the old server to the new server.  In this case, you need to do this because subscribers on the old server will still have AD attributes (i.e. Location ID) for the old Unity server.  Unfortunately, deleting a subscriber and then running the remove subscriber properties (a.k.a Bunny Killer) tool is not always instantaneous or clean and you'll get errors on import.  Out of curiousity, if you check Unity SA after a "failed" import - do you see the user was actually imported but with all default settings (such as default CoS) and etc?

Did you already to this for everyone or did you happen to do a small batch of test users first?


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