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COBRAS Import - Subscriber Unmapped

I am currently moving users from one Unity server to another (in a different forest). I backed everything up with COBRAS and went to the new Unity Server and attempted to perform the Import. I was starting with one user. When I imported the user, I ran into a conflict where the subscriber was UNMAPPED. I am not sure why I am getting this error, as this user has no references at to any other object?

Cisco Employee

Not sure what error you're talking about there - if the user alias, display name or extension conflicts you have to either change it or select to overwrite an existing user on the Unity server. This would show up on the conflict page of the wizard as 'CONFLICTED' not "UNMAPPED" - I don't have any string in the app that says UNMAPPED.

If you can give me a few more details to work with I can help you more...



Thanks for replying to my post, I certainly appreciate it.

No conflicts with any names.

User A on Unity X. User A with extension 55637 has no references to any other subscribers and is set to the default template.

Run COBRAS Export

On Unity Y - no users

Run COBRAS Import for User A

When I get to step 17, it is a giving me a conflict that references another voice mail account that I have not selected for import. My only choice for this is to map it to the Example subscriber, since this is a fresh install of Unity 5.0(1).

Please reference the attached picture as well.


ah - that's not an error message - I get it now. It's not a conflict either.

The subscriber you're restoring refernced another subscriber in some fashion - likley a one key rule - and COBRAS makes you remap all references to all objects - no exceptions. That's it's entire purpose in life. GSM, for instance, would just blow this link away and force the one key rule to "ignore" - COBRAS doesn't play like that.

this works the same way with all object references (COS, schedules, Public lists, subscribers, call handlers, name lookup handlers, interview handlers). If an object you're restoring references any other object in any way (one key rule, exit destination, after greeting destination etc...) then it forces you to remap them to another object of the same type.

If you restore all things you backed up then the only things you have to remap are switch, COS and Name lookup handler references since everything else you could have be referencing is being restored.

I know it's different - it's thrown a few folks off. I tried to be real clear about this in the help file and training videos but apparently I fell a bit short - please tell me how I can make this more clear...


I'm assuming there's a reference to a subscriber that you're missing - there are several spots they can hide away (exit destination is a favorite). If not, I guess the query could be overly aggressive somewhere. If you pick a subscriber and do the restore of that one user, I'm assuming it works? Can you find it referencing the subscriber anywhere?

The template doesn't come into play, by the way- Unity maintains no connection between an object and the template it was created with - it's just a copy mechanism and that's all.


(sorry for the thread spam here)

Finally - if you want you can ZIP up your backup (just the directory, no message backup files please!) and FTP them to me and I can take a look at where the query is picking up the reference. It could be something goofy like a schedule (which technically has an owner but it's not exposed) or the like. It should be screening all that stuff out but they're big, hulking queries and it's possible something unnecessary is being checked.

ping me off line and I'll get you a spot you can park the backup if you're cool sending it my way.


Thanks Jeff. I am running some additional tests as I write this. But I would like to get you that backup as well. I will look at the Adv. Settings tool as well to seek and destroy any references to any other Unity Objects.

I am sending you an email as well...