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Cobras Messages import in connection 7.0


we are migrating a server from UCX 1.2 to UCX 7.0(2a). It is not a big system, few call handler, and less then 100 users.

The first import was succesfull even if all the users got the the option "user cannot change phone password" selected. We selected the option to override default for "user cannot change phone password" leaving it unflagged, and "user must change password at next logon" this one flagged, but it seems that the software did exactly the opposite. This was not a big issue, because we did not have many users we could change it manually.

After this we found a worse issue with the messages. basically the messages could not be imported. I read everything is written in the manual regarding the SMPT, and firewall to be stopped and antivirus....

In my last try I used my PC (before I was forced to use the customer PC, and indeed that une was subject to several microsoft Policy), connected to the same VLAN of the Unity server, but still got the error message

Testing WAV file upload with command="C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\COBRAS\Import_CUC\WAVUpload.exe" "" cobrasimport (PW blocked) "C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\COBRAS\Import_CUC\Beep.wav" f512477d-9992-444d-a6eb-e0fe78ffcab5.wav

(error) on WAV file upload - nothing returned from the web service on the Connection server

I have configured a user who got the administrative and remote administrative rights, and I followed the:

Task 4: (Optional) Enable SMTP Connectivity For Importing Messages

I disabled the firewall and the antivirus on my pc.

Is there any other thing I need to do in order for the message import to work?



Cisco Employee

The first issue (reversed logic on the must/can't change) is fixed in the latest version of the import posted out there currently.

The WAV file upload - this isn't messages, it's greetings. MEssages come in via IMAP, the wav upload throwing that error is going through an HTTP POST (HTTP GET on an export) to move greetings and voice names off and on to the server. Make sure there's not an HTTP proxy or something blocking the ports listed under the HTTP section in the help - the messaging section your're referring to doesn't come into play here.

If you have anti-virus enabled, it's very likely that the ondemand/email scanner is catching the SMTP connection to the UCX server and blocking it.

...again, though, the error message noted in the first post has nothing at all to do with email or SMTP. It's an error uploading a WAV file via HTTP. But anti-virus can, of course, still be at play there.

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