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configure a Cisco 2811 with vic2-4fxo and vic-4fxs/DID with 3 analog lines from verizon, AT&A or any carrier

HI All,

i have a situation and need help with configure, your help is very appreciated and thank you very much in advance.


i am trying to configure a Cisco 2811 with vic2-4fxo and vic-4fxs/DID with 3 analog lines from verizon, AT&A or any.  i know my 3 analog lines will connect to my fxo, if i would like to have my ip phone cp-7960s calling in/out using any 3 of these analog lines, will it work?  could i have multiple numbers on one of any  my ip phone 7960 like i could do on a sip trunk?  please let me know with any advice.  My goal is trying to calling in and out using ip phone 7960g with 3 analog lines from Verizon,or AT&T or any other carrier. Again, thank you very much in advance.


Best Regards,


i don't have any problem with sip trunk configuration with the above scenario.  i am kindda going backward so a little confused.

Cisco Employee

Hi Tam Dao, Quick question,


Quick question, Are you trying map dn with specific FXO or Load balance call with 3fxo. In case of load balance you can configure trunk group on VG to loadbalace FXO line. To map fxo to specific DN you can make you CSS or COR to achieve it.


Mohammed Noor


HI Mohammed, Thank you very

HI Mohammed,


Thank you very much for your reply, and yes, i am trying to use ip phones 7960 instead of old analog phones and trying to use multiple DN on each ip phones for in/out using 3 analog lines i have currently connected to fxo ports.  do you have any example or link where i could go to for research and study?


thank you very much in advance.


Cisco Employee

Hi Tam,Is your 7960 phone

Hi Tam,

Is your 7960 phone registered with CUCM or CME ? In case of CUCM you can use CSS anf in case of CME you can use COR.


Mohammed Noor


HI Mohammed, another thing is

HI Mohammed,


another thing is, we use dial peer voip for sip trunk, pots dial peer for analog phone, in my case, i am using 7960 ip phone with fxo, then what dial peer do i use?  i don't have sip trunk so obviously i can't use session how my ip phone 7960 dial in/out?  using pots dial peer?/?????

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