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Configuring Cisco Unity Connection 8.6(2)and Microsoft Office 365 for Unified Messaging

Hi all,

I need your help as soon as possible.

I have a CUC in 8.6(2) version.

I want to use the single inbox function with Office 365 (

Customer Office 365 :

I followedTask List for the customer :

  • Create an Active Directory account to be used for Connection unified messaging services, and grant the account the applicablepermissions. See the “Creating the Unified Messaging Services Account on Office 365 and Granting Permissions for Cisco Unity Connection 8.6(2) and Later” section on page 3-9.

  • For the following configuration, upload SSL certificates on the Connection server to encrypt communication between Connection and Office 365 and between Connection and Active Directory.

         For more information, see the Uploading CA Public Certificates for Exchange and Active Directory Servers to the Cisco Unity Connection 8.5 and         Later Server, page 2-34.

For the moment, Single Inbox Is Not Working for Users Associated with a Unified Messaging Service, but I don't upload SSL certificates on the Connection server.

I have the error message : 403 error: SSL is required in Exchange, but the public certificates from the certification authority (CA) that signed the certificates on the Exchange servers have not been uploaded to the Connection server.

So my questions are :

    • How to create the Active Directory account ? Is the Powershell script necessary to run ?
    • How to Save the Public Certificate for Microsoft Certificate Services ?

Customer don't have access to server.





Is anyone have already encountered the problem?




Please upload the public certificate from the CA to the CUC server (tomcat-trust and Connection-trust locations).

I always restart the tomcat service after uploading certificates to its trust store.

How to Save the Public Certificate for Microsoft Certificate Services ?

This can be done easily by the Admin of the CA. If you have a privileged user and can access

https://IP-address-of-CA-Server/certsrv --> its the first point "retrieve the CA cert ..." --> please try it out.




Is it possible when Office 365 is not on promise ? (In the Microsoft Cloud).

Moreover, Cisco TAC answer me the following

Dear Davy,

We need to create a User in AD, which does not require any mailbox. When configuring Unified Messaging service, we will use this account to provide permissions to access the rest of the users mailbox and send the messages to.

Also this user will be used in the configuration when adding unified messaging services, under username/password.

Yes by default the user account has impersonation rights by default, but from experience I have seen that not running the script might sometimes cause the issue. And hence this has been documented and mentioned in the document not to miss any steps.

“Validate Certificates for Exchange Servers” check box is only available after Unity Cxn ver 8.6(2) ES 36 and later,, you will see it as below.

As you are running CUC ver 8.6.2a, this is lower than ES36 and hence you are not seeing the option for this.

Since there is no True SSL (i.e cant use CA certificates) in office 365 now , we do not need to download certificate from Office 365. This is referred in CSCtz91238    SIB with Office 365 SSL document correction.

What do you think about ?



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