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Configuring login to cisco phone

Hi all,

     we are implementing Cisco phone and most of it is done by external consultants. We currently need to input UserID and PIN to logon to our phone. Is there a way to create a Service that would allow to login with extenstion and PIN instead of UserID ?



I will probably give you the expected answer - I do not think that it is possible.

Here is the option you have

Extension Mobility - it is the way you have it now, something available by CUCM by default. However you need to log to the device with the UserID and PIN, and successfull combination will assign appropriate line to the device. So your option is to configure it in the way when the UserID = line, and you have your requested behaviour.

I can also imagine a system when you will use the line and PIN, and some middle 3rd party systems will match the line and PIN to UserID and PIN ... but it is not elegant at all

You can have also another configuration - the device will have line assigned, and user can lock and unlock it via PIN. This is not possible by CUCM, however you can find some 3rd parties thats do that (ask me).


OK, so when you say that i can achieve this by configuring my UserID = Line, you mean that i can associate my UserID to my phone extension ? If so, can you guide me where could i find such a configuration ?



Which version of CUCM are you implementing?

Under User Management > End user, search for a user you want to edit, then edit that user and change the user ID to be the extension number rather than a username (so 5111 instead of jdoe).

At the bottom of the same page, you should already have assigned an Extension Mobility profile which ties the account to the feature.

One more question about this. Are users were imported from AD to CCM via LDAP, so UserID is mapped to SamAccountName from AD. Could it explain why we cannot change the UserID value from the End User menu ? and if we change the LDAP Profil and we map UserID to IpPhone (which is our extension attribute) , will it have any effect else where ?

Didn't realise you imported the users via LDAP.  You are right that you cannot change the user ID because of the mapping.  Unfortunately I don;t know of a way to use AD and achieve what you are asking for, it can only be one or the other.


As Jason wrote - no way to reach that with CUCM. What could be done is that you will not manage the autentication by the CUCM but some other softwere, that will then match the Line to the appropriate ID. I can even see that will create the matrix automatically because you have the lines in ID (if I understand correctly). However I do not know about any solution you can purchase and can do that (and I know that it is not just simple script). If you really need such functionality, ask some Cisco developers for price (me or any other developers that do IP Phone services), but dont expect that to be cheap one

But I think we do not know much about your motivation for such step - you have CUCM synchronized with AD, so you have real users that have their own accounts ... why do you want to change it to the lines? What is the benefit for you/users? .. just curious.


Thanks for the reply... the reason is simple. Whenever we login to the phone, we need to input our UserID via the telephone keypad, and we find it a pain to scroll to each letters to enter our UserID. I know that avaya system allows the user to enter his extension and password which are all numbers. We just wanted to simplify the login to our users without having to enter their names via the phone keypad. I should of explain at the beginning why i wanted to do that ;-)... and maybe there is another way to achieve this.... (numbers and no letters ??? )

Thanks again.


Ok, I understand that very well.

Then I would use Jason solution he mentioned below - no LDAP sync. Other sulutions are outside the CUCM feature set (or I do not know about them).


Jiri, I would say he wants to do this to ease the login process for his users.  Its the very reason we opted to not integrate our CUCM with LDAP and chose to create the users with the user id set to their extension.  To enter a username on a phone is very tedious as you have to hit each key multiple times to select each letter.

That is exactly why .... but now that we are configured with LDAP Sync, here's my question. Can we switch back by simply unchecking LDAP Sync or we need to start all over and create all our users ? And what would be the impact if we changed the UserID Mapping to IpPhone attribute instead of SamAccountName in LDAP Directory Configuration ?

Jason Dance

I agree with Jiri. You will need to set your userid to match your DN.

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