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Connection 8.5 > Bulk Edit > Enable Unified Messaging (Single Inbox)

Running Unity Connection 8.5(1)SU1

I setup 1 user for Single Inbox (http to Exchange 2003 via WebDav) he's working great.

Now I want to enable Single Inbox for the remaining 345 subscribers. They are already LDAP integrated.We just moved from Unity Unified 7.0 (with Exchange 2003) to Unity Connection 8.5

How do I use Bulk Edit to enable the remaining subscriber for Unified Messaging/Single Inbox?

Jeff - would be great if COBRAS going from Unity Unfiied Messaging to Unity Connection Unified Messaging would automatically configure everything since it already knows the Exchange alias, etc.

I attached a sample Bulk Edit > Unified Messaging update that failed

"Failure Reason",subscriberalias,servicedisplayname,optionalserviceaccountid,umemailaddress,emailaddressusecorp,enablecalendar,enablemeeting,enablembxsynch,isprimarymeetingservice,logintype,userid,userprofilenumber

"Could not find a unified messaging accounts with columns: subscriberalias = torwh3, servicedisplayname = HAC-Exchange and optionalServiceAccountID: |",torwh3,HAC-Exchange,,,0,1,0,1,0,2,LAhrens,


Were you able to figure out a way to bulk enable Unified Messaging?  I need to do the same thing on an install.



It should be possible by following this procedure.


Those procedures only work if your are creating those accounts in bulk and enabling UM at the same time.  I have not found a way to enable UM for existing LDAP synced accounts in UCON.


Has anyone attempted a Unified Messaging service migration by bulk process?  I have a Unity Connection 9.1(2) server that has a UM service setup for an Exchange 2007 service with most all of the accounts setup for this service.  I now have a new UM service setup for an Exchange 2013 server and have migrated a few test users manually to the new UM service as their mailbox is moved between Exchange servers.  This manual process works fine, but it is manual.

I have tried to use an UPDATE - UNIFIED MESSAGING ACCOUNTS Bulk Task from the UCxn admin tool and a .csv file with the proper headers, but it seems to fail due to the blank optionalServiceAccountID field.  Since it was optional, I left it blank.  Does anyone know how to handle this field?

I basically got a failure objects file full of this statement.

Could not find a unified messaging accounts with columns: subscriberalias = cmorris, servicedisplayname = ICTExch01 and optionalServiceAccountID: |


thank you,



Nevermind, found my own answer.

There really ought to be CiscoUnityTool for this.


Figured it out.I hope this helps.

  1. Bulk edit all users to
    • Users > Find (blank) > Select All > Bulk Edit > Checkbox "
  2. Via Bulk Administrator, bulk export Unified Messaging accounts and save as UMExport.csv to your PC.
    • Tools > Bulk Administration Tool > Select Export and Unified Messaging Accounts > Submit
  3. Via Bulk Administrator, bulk export UM accounts and save as UsersExport.csv to your PC.
    • Tools > Bulk Administration Tool > Select Export and Users with Mailbox > Submit
  4. Open UMExport and UsersExport saved files with notepad, save as CSV, and open with Excel.
  5. Copy values from UserExport.csv and paste values to UMexport.csv
    • 'Alias' => ‘SubscriberAlias’
    • 'EmailAddress' => ‘UMEmailAddress’
  6. Populate all UMexport.csv fields for all users and save as UMCreate.csv.
    • ‘ServiceDisplayName’ with the Unified Messaging Service name
    • all other 1's and 0's
  7. Open UMCreate.csv with notepad and save without any file extensions UMCreateAA
  8. Via Bulk Administrator, bulk create UM accounts
    • Tools > Bulk Administration Tool > Select Create and Users with Mailbox > Browse for UMCreateAA > Submit
  9. View bulk status and results via Task Management
    • Tools > Task Management > Administrator Bulk Task



I just ran into the same issue as you did and found your post very helpful, however need to clarify step 8 is incorrect. It is stated as

Via Bulk Administrator, bulk create UM accounts

  • Tools > Bulk Administration Tool > Select Create and Users with Mailbox > Browse for UMCreateAA > Submit

It should be

  • Tools > Bulk Administration Tool > Select Create and Unified Messaging Accounts > Browse for UMCreateAA > Submit

thanks this worked


Thank you for this, adding John's note below I can confirm this works for Unity 11.5 also.


I am attempting this now.  I exported Unified Messaging accounts.  Removed most of the users expect three test subjects.  Updated the Unified Messaging Server information.  However, when I attempt to update I get error:  "Could not find a unified messaging accounts with columns: subscriberalias" for all three test subjects.  I made no other modifications to the export.


Figured it Out.

CUC 10.5, Unified Messaging Servers are changed from Windows 2008 to Windows 2012R2.  There for I had to created new Unified Messaging Accounts.

Now I have to update all the voice mail boxes Unified Messaging Accounts Servers.    To do so I had to first run a .BAT to "Delete" The Unified Messaging Accounts, then run a second .Bat File to "Create" the Unified Messaging Accounts.


Specifically: Scroll to "Updating Unified Messaging Accounts"

"If you want to change either the subscriber (subscriberAlias) or the unified messaging service (serviceDisplayName) for a group of unified messaging accounts, you must delete existing unified messaging accounts and then create new accounts that have the new values. You cannot change the value of OptionalServiceAccountID, which is automatically generated when you create unified messaging accounts."