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couldn't import subscriber from Exchange for creating voicemail account



I tried to perform search by first name, last name and alias but no luck at all. I confirmed that this user has two valid AD accounts.

Since this user's extension number changed, I deleted his voicemail account with old number and tried to create voicemail account with new extension. That is where the problem started.

The Global Diretory was checked as well. There are two outputs with two userID but same extension number and same device name (MAC).

Any idea or solutions what is going on?


Brandon Buffin

You can use the Remove Subscriber Properties tool located in \commserver\utilites to remove any previous Unity properties that might be keeping the user from importing.

Hope this helps.


Yes Brandon is correct.You have to remove old user account unity properties .


Tommer Catlin

Also, if you have a large AD environment or issues with slow replications, give Unity some time to "catch up" on the AD changes. They do not always replicate immediately to Unity.

That is what I have now. I navigated all the tree and couldn't find that user.

Which Tree? in AD?

Yes. It is on the left panel of "Remove Subscriber Properties". I am assuming that I should be able to find the user there then delete it. Am I doing right?

Thanks a lot.

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

find the user/subscriber, if it is a bunny then right click and remove subsriber properties.

If it is not a bunny then this is not your problem and it might be what tommer said. Replication.

Hope this helps.


Now it is clear to me. Thanks a lot to everyone!

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