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Siranjeevi Naidu

CTI Manager Call states / mstate value definition

Hello All , 


I am trying to understand how we can identify if a device is registered to CTI manager or not . 

Lets say we have an application user configured for Recording and this application user is associated with the Extension Mobility profiles .


From the CTI logs , I see the following lines , 


38977466.000 |14:30:54.818 |SdlSig |CtiDeviceRegistrationStatusReq |ready |CTIDeviceRegManager(3,200,24,1) |CTIDeviceLineMgr(3,200,25,1) |3,200,13,15656.6^^SEPF80012AFCD0B |[R:N-H:0,N:0,L:1,V:0,Z:0,D:0] Device=SEPF80012AFCD0B bPauseNotify=F bUnRegNotify=T
38977466.001 |14:30:54.818 |AppError | RegistrationManager::GetRegistrationStatus Device=SEPF80012AFCD0B
38977466.002 |14:30:54.818 |AppError | RegStatus=1


38977467.000 |14:30:54.818 |SdlSig |CtiDeviceRegistrationStatusRes |ready |CTIDeviceLineMgr(3,200,25,1) |CTIDeviceRegManager(3,200,24,1) |3,200,13,15656.6^^SEPF80012AFCD0B |[R:N-H:0,N:0,L:1,V:0,Z:0,D:0] Device=SEPF80012AFCD0B Status=1 StationPid=(3,100,73,1369241)
38977467.001 |14:30:54.818 |AppInfo |[CTI-INFO] [DeviceEventRouter(SEPF80012AFCD0B)::deviceRegistrationStatusRes] deviceName=SEPF80012AFCD0B (mState=2)
38977467.002 |14:30:54.818 |AppInfo |[CTI-ERROR] [DeviceEventRouter(SEPF80012AFCD0B)::deviceRegistrationStatusRes] deviceName=SEPF80012AFCD0B - Invalid State: (mState=2)
38977467.003 |14:30:54.818 |AppInfo |[CTI-INFO] [ProcessCTIDeviceLineMgr::ready_CtiDeviceRegistrationStatusRes] Found localDevicehandle 3|4785 in mDeviceNameToLocalDeviceHandle table :: T1=533, T2=547, T3=533, T4=587, T5=615, T6=95, T7=587, T8=0, T9=0
38977467.004 |14:30:54.818 |AppError |DeviceHandle 3|4785
38977467.005 |14:30:54.818 |AppError |DeviceHandle FOUND 3|4785
38977467.006 |14:30:54.818 |AppError |ThirdParty FOUND DH=3|4785
38977467.007 |14:30:54.818 |AppInfo |[CTI-INFO] [DeviceThirdParty(SEPF80012AFCD0B::3|4785)::deviceRegStatusRes] deviceName=SEPF80012AFCD0B (mState=1)
38977467.008 |14:30:54.818 |AppInfo |[CTI-APP] [DeviceThirdParty(4785)::gettingRegistrationStatus_deviceRegStatusRes] (Signal=CtiDeviceRegistrationStatusRes DeviceName=SEPF80012AFCD0B State=deviceTPState_gettingRegistrationStatus , mLocalHandle=3|4785)
38977467.009 |14:30:54.818 |AppInfo |[CTI-INFO] [ProcessCTIDeviceLineMgr::ready_CtiDeviceRegistrationStatusRes] Found localDevicehandle 3|4785 in mDeviceHandleToDeviceObjectRef table :: T1=533, T2=547, T3=533, T4=587, T5=615, T6=95, T7=587, T8=0, T9=0
38977467.010 |14:30:54.818 |AppError |ready_CtiDeviceRegistrationStatusRes - Device=SEPF80012AFCD0B not found in mDeviceNameToLineHandleList


Does this mean the device SEPF80012AFCD0B is not registered to CTI manager ? 

What does the mstate value indicate ? What are the possible mstate values and their definitions ? 

In the registration response message , the device status is printed as Status=1 . What does this status mean ? 


Will be a lot more helpful to analyze CTI logs if someone can provide the definitions/descriptions for events like CTI Call states , CTI device status , mstate values etc . 







Maybe it's late reply for this Post but i hope that will help someone.


I alreay have the same issue - my case i have CUCM integration with third party Call Recording server, we have SIP Integration between this two APP, some phones cannot record but all phones have the same configuration and all device associate with JTAPI user that used in Third party reocding APP, if troubleshooting i see that there is Bug in the phone "7821" and replace the phone with another type, if you can do the following:


1.check that all phones have the same configration and the phone MAC Address and device profile is associated with JTAPI username

2.reset the phone that have the issue by reset factory to delete the ITL

3.Make Sure thta BiB on the phone is enabled and Recording profile

4.if the above steps did not solve it - try to login your profile with another type of phone "That solved my issue"



Ahmad Kefaya


Hi - Just to update this case i solve it by just restart CTI Manager in All Nodes in Cluster then it's working fine

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