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CTI Route Point Issue - MaxSessions reached

One of our clients had an issue that we have not been able to find an appropriate root cause explanation. I was wondering if anyone has seen this before.

The customer had a DNS issue, and was forced to rebuild their primary DNS server. After that was complete, they had issues with CAD agents logging in – this was determined to be an LDAP sync issue.

The other problem that occurred, was an 800 number playing a “Currently Experiencing System Problems” message. Log files showed that the MaxSessions value had been reached:

Line 15: 192575980: Jan 24 19:58:35.688 EST %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-UNABLE_PROCESS_CALL:Unable to process a call: All Call ids=CallID:6961 MediaId:856186/2,Route Address=6680,The type of call process=User Services, max of 212 reached for application 'User Services'

A reboot fixed the issue, but we would like to tell the customer what caused this. This customer is running UC and UCCX 8.5.1, and all the scripts have been verified to be working properly. This is the first time it has happened in their environment.

Any insight would be appreciated!


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