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CUBE 12.8 Dial Peer Group huntstop

I have a dial peer group (DPG) that consists of 4 dial peers. The first three dial peers point to UCM server groups. The fourth dial peer is used for fax detection and sends fax calls to our E Fax server. I need to be able to stop the inbound calls from hunting when the called DN is not configured on the UCM cluster. If the DN has been deleted on the UCM, the UCM will send back a 404-unallocated/unassigned number SIP message. The CUBE will then hunt through the rest of the dial peers configured in the DPG until it gets to the E Fax server (preference 4) which will answer any inbound call and the caller will hear fax tones. Is there a way to stop the CUBE from hunting through the dial peers in a DPG after receiving the 404 message?

Roger Kallberg
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Not an answer to your question, but why do you have multiple dial peers when you use server group?

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We have subscribers at three different sites with phones at each site, so when a call comes in we want the call to go to the closest subscriber, which should be the one they are registered with. So each server group consists of the primary and secondary subs for the phones. We also have SIP trunks at each site with failover between each site so that if we lose a SIP trunk calls will still complete. 


That makes sense, kind of, however the question arises still around how do you control which of your 4 dial peer that is used for the DPG to send it to the appropriate server group? In my view this would require you to have different inbound dial peers that matches on called directory numbers of the specific sites and send it to a specific DPG that contains the dial peer for the specific server group and FoIP dial peer. From the wording of your original question I would read it that you do not have this.

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@s-baldwin An chance of an update on this?

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Scott Leport



Does this link help? See section re server groups.


One alternative method I've seen other people take is to have a translations in place for unallocated / unassigned numbers and route them to the main company number. Appreciate that doesn't answer your question, but it might present a half decent alternative.

Just a quick clarification on the dial plan.  From what I understand you have a DDI range that includes numbers that resolve to DNs within CUCM, but within that range you also have fax numbers that do not resolve within CUCM, but instead exist within a separate fax system.  Is that correct?   And the existing configuration hunts through all the CUCM servers and only tries the fax system if the number isn't matched by any of the CUCM servers.  And what you're looking for is a configuration that will jump straight to the fax as soon as it gets the 404 not found from the first CUCM server, skipping over the others.


It would be helpful to see your existing configuration, if only the dial peers (and DPG and server groups)


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