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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


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Hi guys.

I have an integration between CUCM and CUC via SCCP. I want to create an Auto Attendant and let some users have Voice Mail.

Let's say that the Companys central number is xxxxxxxx900. So I've created a Voice Mail Pilot with 900 with a Hunt Pilot 900 that has all Voice Mail Ports. I've also created Forward Routing Rule and Call Handlers in CUC. So when I dial 900 I can hear the Auto Attendant perfectly. My problem is that when I press the Message button in the phone I can also hear the AA and NOT the "Enter you PIN followed by pound even if the phone where I do this has a user which is in the CUC.

What am I doing wrong? I thought that if the user is in the CUC he should enter the Voice Mail.

Thank you.

Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

You're doing this completely

You're doing this completely backwards, you add your AA once you have your basic CUC-CUCM integration working fine, not by creating everything dedicated to an AA, and using the same for regular users.

Follow the CUCM-CUC integration guides, configure your VM profile and everything that is needed, once you have that running, see here



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Dear Valencia Thank you for

Dear Valencia Thank you for your answer.

I just watched your videos and I saw that you created a VM-Profile for Voice Mail with Extension 4000 and a CTI Route Point for AA with Extension 4100.

I just found a way to resolve my issue. I have only created a VM-Profile with Extension 900 which is the central line and I've added a condition in the Direct Routing Rule where I say match only if Calling Number is equal to 900. This way every other extension-device can reach the Voice Mail and only if someone calls from the PSTN number 900 hears the AA.

Is this way wrong? Why should I create a CTI Route point and do it like your way? Can you please explain me the pros and cons?

Thank you in advance!

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