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CUC old Recorded Name plays when leaving voice mails

Unity Connection  Version  is integrated with LDAP (Active directory on a domain controller- don't know what version).  No Unified Messaging.  User A replaced user B in the company.  The Unity account for user B was given to user A who recorded their own Greetings and Recorded Name.  All is working fine but when user A leaves a message with user C, and others within the company, the greeting says it's from user B, not user A.  The account was deleted and recreated but the same thing is still happening.  The Recorded Name was recorded again by user A, but still the same thing.

How do I get user A's name to play when they leave a voice mail with someone?  Is there something still "stuck" in AD?


The good news is that AD should have nothing to do with this.

Is this the auto-generated TTS of the previous user's name or the actual user's recording?

Is this a CXN cluster or single-server install?

If a cluster, what does the cluster management page look like under CXN Serviceability?

Is the database replication intact?

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Good to hear that AD is not involved.  It's the actual user's recording that people hear.  This is a cluster, pub and sub.  The cluster is in tact according to the cluster management page and the CLI, both are active/connected.

It could be

I'd suggest upgrading to the latest ES from TAC for 8.6(2).

Hope that helps,


Rob Huffman
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Hey Brad,

Nice find buddy! +5

I looked for bugs and couldn't pinpoint one so thanks for jumping

in with your expertise here You ROCK!



"Your life is worth much more than gold." 

- Bob Marley

Thanks for the reply.  The messages are announcing the correct name now.  Would the bug cause something like that?  Or, is it possible that the database didn't update right away?

It's possible although not too common.  I'd highly recommend still patching as it can cause some very undesirable behavior.

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