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CUC server message states it is full and no more messages can be left.

I need help.  Users reported unable to leave voicemails for others.  The message I get on the system when I log in is as follows.

 Cisco Unity Connection cannot accept new messages, and you may not be able to upgrade Connection. The location where messages are stored has reached the maximum capacity specified on the Disk Capacity page. You can still send broadcast messages. Instruct Connection users to immediately delete unneeded voice message, and wait up to 30 minutes for the CleanDeleteMessages task to remove deleted messages from the hard disk.


I am looking for a way to easily clear some space in the deleted messages storage.

Andrew Skelly
Rising star

What is the value of your aging policy/policies for deleted messages?  What about in general?  Also, for your mailbox store what is your value for Maximum size before warning?  You should be getting notified in advance of your store becoming maxed out.

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I'd start by checking for mailbox sizes to see if you have one or more disproportionately large.  I've seen installs where system mailboxes like "operator" or "undeliverable" accounted for almost all the space used.  Sample query from my notes ..

run cuc dbquery unitymbxdb1 select skip 0 first 100 description,bytesize FROM vw_mailbox order by bytesize desc

If you've got a couple of space hogs you could set a real aggressive aging policy for those so their messages get cleared out in a couple of days.  Manually deleting messages is a pain unless someone knows a clever bulk delete.

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