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CUCM upgrade


I'm trying to upgrade a CUCM running version into version but, apparently, it's not possible.

Searching for info on this release produces almost no results. So, after trying to upgrade to 10.0(1) SU1 and 10.0(1) SU2, with no success, I'm left with asking the community if someone has already managed to perform such an upgrade.



Cisco Employee


You don't give any details by which to provide guidance.  Looking at the version you currently have deployed, it appears to be a pre 10.0(1) version.  Cisco does offer the ability to upgrade to a production version from the EFT/Beta versions.  The version you are on is from Sept of last year...definitely time to upgrade.  One reason an upgrade will fail is if you have deployed an unrestricted version and you are attempting to upgrade to a restricted version.  That will not work.  You can upgrade from restricted to non-restricted, but not the other way around. 

If this obvious failure is not what's failing for you, please indicate where your upgrade is failing. At image selection?  Immediately when starting the upgrade or some time after the upgrade?


Dan Keller

Technical Marketing Engineer

Did you install ciscocm.version3-keys.cop.sgn COP file prior to upgrade to 10.5 ?

Check the Release Notes document for CUCM 10.5 here


Hi all,

I and some colleagues try helped pmarques with the issue that he refered but without any sucess:

We could not do any upgrade from this version to any version 10.x , even using ciscocm.version3-keys.cop.sgn COP file, after more or less 45 minutes gave always the same an error:

"239: Could not insert new row - duplicate value in a UNIQUE INDEX column (Unique Index: assign).

100: ISAM error: duplicate value for a record with unique key.

Error in line 101

Near character position 1 "

Licences for 7821 were not declared as Basic  but as Enhanced , and we bought Basic licenses only and We could not carry any device pack to resolve the issue of licenses , becouse the device pack's were not recognized as valid upgrades. Again , another bug (

In conclusion, I can not recommend this version to anyone.

Interestingly, if we did this upgrade  from scretch with a clean version without database and worked, which led to doubt in our database  .

We started walking around and always knock into some trouble.

That desperate!

We lost some time with this upgrade from this 10.0.x version to 10.5.

Finally, we export configuration from 10.0 using import/export bulk  and import it in 10.5 but we find another bug , DHCP does not work , this is one more bug  (CUCM 10.5. DHCP not working | IP Telephony | Cisco Support Community | 5961 | 12224526) and have to put an external DHCP server.

Dont forget to change the "Rollback to pre-8.0" parameter is set to True on the original cluster , if you move from one hardware to another , like our case , becouse of certificate problems of the phones.

Now it's working in 10.5 with a external DHCP server.


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