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CUCM 10.5 Intercom Feature

I know I can configure intercom on an 8800 series phone to "whisper" to the call recipient and in order to have a two way conversation, the recipient will need to press a button on their phone to allow the two way conversation. Is it possible to program the system so that the recipient will not have to press any key? Suppose I'm a chicken manure farmer and I'm 20 feet from my 8841 wall phone and I'm knee deep in Road Island Red Chicken manure. Then my secretary calls me via intercom and says "what do you know Joe?" over the speaker. I don't want to sludge and slide thru 20' of manure while the chickens a pecking at my legs just so I can press a button to tell my secretary that I having a great day. I want to be able to speak across the room to my secretary without moving an inch toward the phone. Is this not doable?




Thanks for your reply. I already thought about that as a solution and if I'm reading this correctly It will not work well on a large scale. For those reading this, the link said "You could give this one user a non-intercom DN set to auto answer on speakerphone and have the person who is calling use their non intercom DN or a speed dial to reach this user and receive two way audio path but that's about it." Does this mean my secretary and the chicken house phone would each need a key with the same "intercom DN" or only the chicken house phone would need the "intercom DN" only and my secretary could dial the number directly from any line?


Have you been able to implement the solution as per your requirement ?


no, because I never got an answer to my last question and gave up.

The regular intercom feature is just a speed dial to a number that is configured to auto-answer. They are in an isolated PT/CSS, so the intercoms are accessible only by other intercom numbers in the same intercom CSS. The thing that the Intercom feature does that is special is makes a button both a speed dial and a DN (which can then be auto-answered).


To solve your problem:

  1. Create a PT and CSS using the regular method to be used for this intercom.
  2. Create a DN on the chicken house phone and on the secretary's phone that is in this PT and has this CSS.
  3. Set the DN to auto-answer with speakerphone and with the microphone enabled.
  4. The secretary would pick up this DN and dial the other end of the intercom, or vice-versa.
  5. If you want to enable a speed dial rather than having to manually dial, then the PT of the intercom would need to be in the CSS of either the primary line on the phone or in the CSS of the phone itself. If you use speed dials, be aware that this intercom will use two buttons on each phone, one for the DN and one for the speed dial.

And YES! I wish Cisco would make the option of enabling the microphone on an intercom available.






Who would one talk to at Cisco to convince them to add the option of enabling the microphone on an intercom for a completely hands free conversation?

This is the kind of stuff that slays me. You can get simple features like this on cheap Key Systems.

You can have that now with a normal DN set to auto-answer on speakerphone. If you want a feature enhancement request for Intercom DNs then your Cisco AM is the place to go - be prepared to present a business case.