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CUCM 11.5: How to view a log of incoming / outgoing calls?

I am looking for an answer to a problem which to me does not seem all that complicated. I want a log of all incoming and outgoing calls on our single standalone CUCM 11.5 system. But I have looked fairly thoroughly through the web interface and I don't see anything like that.


Oh, I can find all sorts of really complicated things, like doing a "call trace" (??) or a document that discusses "call detail records" (???) but doesn't tell me where they are or how to access them, and some sort of remote analysis tool called RTMT (????) which does not come up in any searches of the Cisco downloads for CUCM..




I would imagine that having a record of incoming and outgoing calls is something lots of phone system administrative people would want to have.


It should be a capability directly built into the CUCM web interface, which can be scrolled through by date and time. Yet this seems to require layers and layers of added and unnecessary complexity, for no apparent reason.


It's not very "unified" looking to me. But this is just the Cisco way, I guess. 

Jonathan Unger
Rising star

Hi Dale,


The built in call reporting tools in CUCM are very basic and semi-cumbersome to use. Most companies purchase 3rd party software (of which there are several vendors) to do more in-depth analysis on CUCM CDR records.


The tool which is included with CUCM is called the CDR Analysis and Reporting Tool (CAR). It can be accessed with your web browser by navigating to:  https://<CUCM ADDRESS/car


Have a dig around the interface and play with the pre-canned reports.


If you would like a full dump of all the call history on the system into a CSV format navigate to CDRExport CDR/CMR Records. Select your date range and then Export to File. You will now be presented with a page which will allow you to right click the CDR file and download it to your machine. I would recommend opening the file in Excel and converting it to a table. The "dateTimeOrigination" field is in Unix timestamp format and will need to be converted to human readable time.


You can accomplish this by following step "1" substep "d" in the response I submitted to this thread.


If you would like to explore the full glory of the CAR tool you can refer to this handy CAR administration guide, 244 pages of fun! :) -


Hope this helps!


- Jon

VoIP Engineer

If you're looking for something more user friendly than the stock reporting, take a look at VoIP Detective.  There are both free and paid versions.  It will give you a straight forward view of your call detail records, scheduled (email) reports, and is designed for both administrators and end users.




If you aren't familiar with RTMT, you should really work with it. It is a very good tool and some of what you are looking for can be handled through RTMT as well as CAR/CDR analysis. RTMT (Real Time Monitoring Tool) can be downloaded from ccmadmin. Same page where you do all of your adds, moves, and changes on CUCM GUI.

Application >>> Plugins >>> Find and List Plugins


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