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CUCM 11.5 - Quickly replace a dead phone?

Ugh, I hate the CUCM web interface. Why is this software so ridiculously overcomplicated and difficult to use? Am I just overlooking something somewhere?


Phone died, need to replace it with an exact identical phone.

1. Devices -> Phones -> Select original dead phone

2. Copy -> Change MAC address to new phone -> Save


... A new "phone object" was created but it has no extension number, the display "button items" were not assigned.


.... I can not find a way to just directly copy the display button settings from the old phone to the new one.


.... There are about 100 different settings for each display button, and the only way that I can find to transfer the settings is to open the display button for the old phone in one web browser tab, and then open the same button on the replacement phone in another web browser tab, and then manually copy, check, and select every niggly little option from one tab to the other, and hope I don't miss any settings.


.... And oh, CUCM absolutely HATES having two browser tabs open when I click Save "This action has been blocked as a potential security violation!"  ---- ehhhh, click Save again, and this time it doesn't block it and save it. Um, what was the point of the first warning, then?


RIDICULOUS! This phone management system is insanely frustratingly overcomplicated and annoying to use, to merely replace a broken phone with a new one of the exact same model.


Re: CUCM 11.5 - Quickly replace a dead phone?

Di Dale,


Did you try super copy.

I tried that in my lab and it was able to copy each and everything however a normal copy did not copy extensions/lines.

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Adarsh Chauhan
Hall of Fame Master

Re: CUCM 11.5 - Quickly replace a dead phone?

If you are replacing a phone why do you copy it? Just update the MAC address field with the new phone's MAC address and save it.

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