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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


CUCM 12.5 End User Group Dropping

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Curious if anyone else has bumped into this?

We've had two instances in the past few months (out of roughly 600 users) where their "Permission Information" group will just drop (disappear). Attempting to rule out tech error in the meantime; like someone didn't accidentally delete it.

We only realize it when a user complains that their Jabber Client won't connect to their Phone Services. We check the End User information and notice that their group has dropped, so they have no role permissions which generally has the CTI controls. (Normal seen below)

2019-05-06 11_59_13-End User Configuration.png

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Re: CUCM 12.5 End User Group Dropping

The only non bug reason I could think this would happen would be overlapping directory sync. If you set up a separate one for groups or something but didn’t filter users, that would also sync over the top of your users with that feature group template applied. 


I *think* they will update their properties like that when the new sync relationship picks them up. I know user rank will change this way. 


Re: CUCM 12.5 End User Group Dropping

Thanks for the reply Adam -- We only have one Directory Sync, but I'm wondering if it might be multiple admins doing a Directory Sync within a short time-span. I believe some of our techs manually fire one off when they're setting up new Employees, and they might be doing them at the same time.

That group is the default for our lone directory sync.

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