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CUCM 12.5 on third party ESXi with version 6.7

Hi guys,


our before used BE6K UCS-Servers will definitely run out of service in november 2020, so no service contract possible anymore after this date.

We plan to move our 4 UC-VMs which are CUCM Publisher/Subscriber and IM&P 1&2 (all at the moment on version 10.5, on ESXi 5.1) to our existing ESXi-servers, which have lots of space since quite a bunch of VMs moved to the cloud recently. My problem now, these run already ESXi 6.7, because they are quite up to date. I couldn´t easily figure out IF 12.5 is supported by ESXi 6.7, i always see 6.5 mentioned.


For sure we don´t want to end up with an unsupported system, but due to the vast free space and resources on our existing ESXi-servers also not to buy new UCS-servers, just because Cisco ends service for the old ones.

Simple question:

CUCM/CUPS on 12.5 (after the upgrade from 10.5, AFTER we moved the VMs) possible on ESXi 6.7?

Is someone running this constellation already?

Many thanks in advance,



Roger Kallberg
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

Thanks to you too, Roger :)

Thanks Jaime, i didn´t see this one, shame on me ;)

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